Double Amputee Model Redefines ‘Sexy Body’ [Video]

A double amputee model has done what few have attempted. Aimee Mullins has changed what we have accepted as the definition of a “sexy body.”

Mullins never mentioned why she lost her original legs, but at the TED conference nobody asked, anyway. The focus was on how she plans to change the world’s perspective of what’s sexy by using prosthetic legs.

The model’s first example involved around 300 six-to-eight year old school children, a group of young and impressionable minds who are still in the process of developing their definition of what’s normal. Mullins placed a collection of her prosthetic legs on a table in the museum and let the children play with them before asking them an interesting question:

“Kids, really quickly, I woke up this morning, I decided I wanted to be able to jump over a house. Nothing too big, two or three stories, but if you could think of any animal, any super hero, any cartoon character, anything you can dream up right now, what kind of legs would you build me?”

This started a chain reaction among the kids that helped double amputee model Aimee Mullins reshape their perception. Instead of seeing her as disabled, they began to imagine her as “super abled.”

Mullins’ journey began when she asked for professionals in science, art, and medicine to create prosthetic legs that would help others like her not only fit in, but be accepted and potentially idolized.

During the conference, Mullins pointed out that Pamela Anderson has more prosthetics in her body and nobody calls the Baywatch star disabled.

A series of photos revealed throughout the TED conference show Aimee Mullins posing various ways using metallic “cheetah” legs, proving that you don’t have to have your limbs intact to have a sexy body.

What do you think of double amputee model Aimee Mullins’ point at the conference? Is she an inspiration or simply one of the few who stand out?

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