Woman Tricks Herself Into Losing 140 Pounds: Learn Her Weight Loss Secret

For many, the idea of weight loss is as much a mental hurdle to overcome as it is a physical one. Julie Evans of Macomb Township, Michigan took that notion to the extreme — using hypnosis to trick herself into losing almost 150 pounds!

“All I wanted was spinach,” Evans, 35, told ABC News after using hypnosis to help shed the weight. “I wanted salad. It was the creepiest feeling in the whole wide world.”

A stay-at-home mom, Julie Evans began gaining weight following the birth of her first child. Less than two years later, she was pregnant again and started adding more weight to her 5-foot-6 frame.

Evans told CNN that her weight gain was a combination of “pregnancy weight, a bit of depression and a whole lot of negative self-esteem.” Finally, a trip to Hawaii where Evans was too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit convinced Julie it was time to lose the weight.

At the encouragement of her mother, Julie enlisted the aid of Florida-based certified hypnotist, Rena Greenberg. Rena uses a method she calls “hypnosis gastric bypass” in which a hypnotist “walks patients through a simulated version of gastric bypass surgery — from meeting the doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist to describing the surgical procedure to leaving the hospital.” In essence, Greenberg tricks the patient’s mind into believing they had the surgery.

Following hypnosis, Greenberg told CNN, “[T]he mind believes the stomach is smaller, decreasing appetite and shrinking the physical capacity for food. There are also other types of weight loss hypnosis — some focus on retraining the brain to simply eat healthier or less.”

The results were, of course, staggering, with Julie Evans shedding 140 pounds and actually keeping it off. “I was the biggest skeptic ever,” she explained to ABC News. “I haven’t had fast food since. I don’t even crave it.” Further, Evans made more changes to her everyday diet as a result of her hypnosis sessions.

“I physically couldn’t eat as much as I had been, and I only wanted really healthy things,” she said. “I haven’t had a soda since that day, whereas before, it was every day.”

Hypnosis Achieves Dramatic Weight Loss

Still, there is not enough proven data to suggest this will work for everyone who is interested in dramatic weight loss. Evans, however, credits her “open mind and [willingness] to listen” as the reasons it worked for her.

“It’s about changing the way you think about food subconsciously,” Greenberg said. “And it’s great for people who hate dieting, since they don’t feel like they’re giving up food.”

What do you think? Is hypnosis a safe way to achieve dramatic weight loss?

[Images courtesy ABC News]