What If Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s ‘Up’ Like Transformers Or Ninja Turtles? More Explosions Please

Director Michael Bay has become synonymous with movies that feature large explosions and a focus on certain types of action. Someone decided it would be funny to ask what if Michael Bay directed Pixar’s Up movie and the answer was quite hilarious.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some say that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was as surprise hit and Ninja Turtles 2 has already been announced despite unfavorable reviews from fans of the original series.

The influence that Michael Bay had on Ninja Turtles was quite noticeable. The biggest complaint every had at first was that the turtles’ face were modified so much that they appeared to be quite… odd, to say the least. Then when we first saw how Shredder would appear in the movie everyone was complaining that the Ninja Turtles villain had essentially been transformed into a Transformer robot.

The above video manages to encapsulate all of those complaints about how Michael Bay can take a franchise and then twist it in his own unique fashion. Instead of a story about a man living the dream he shared with his deceased wife we have a story focused on action and menacing villains. Oh, and explosions, don’t forget the explosions. The video pulls it off in such a manner that I could honestly see the entire movie being remixed to the unique beat of a Michael Bay film. Still, nothing beats that 50 Shades Of Frozen video that somehow perfectly manages to pull off merging the 50 Shades trailer with scenes from Frozen.