‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: The Week 9 Nominations Are Out

Big Brother 16 is entering week 9, and fans have been hoping for a major power shift in the house. Nicole made her way back into the house Thursday night, and everybody knew this next Head of Household competition would be key to turning things upside down. Fans want Big Brother spoilers, and the live feeds have revealed both the HOH winner and the week 9 nominations.

According to Big Brother Network, the BigBrother spoilers reveal that Cody beat Donny out for HOH, but it was a close competition. Unfortunately, Cody as the week 9 HOH meant that there would be very predictable nominations. Though Donny tried to bend Cody’s ear a bit during the day on Friday, it didn’t make a difference. Friday Cody nominated Donny and Nicole.

At this point Donny is the primary target, as he has been off-and-on for a while now, but at this point the group would be happy to take out Nicole if Donny wins Power of Veto. Unless a big twist comes into play, BB16 fans should brace themselves for Donny and Nicole to be the next two out. Unfortunately it seems that it’s just a matter of what order. If the one remaining this week were to win HOH for week 10 that could shake things up, but nobody is holding their breath.

Derrick is already pondering whether this might be the time for a Pandora’s Box or something of that nature, and that would have the potential to stir things up a bit. Many Big Brother 16 fans would love to see a coup d’ etat, Diamond Power of Veto, Pandora’s Box or anything that might provide a way for both Donny and Nicole to stay safe. While many can appreciate Derrick’s game play, as he definitely is running this game, it’s leading to fan favorites being evicted and some rather predictable days.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the Power of Veto competition should be held on Saturday. As Buddy TV notes, Donny does have a great track record for winning the POV, and this would be a really good time for him to do it again. Some speculate that a Donny win could provide a slight shift to the plans as perhaps Derrick and Cody would start to turn on some of their less important alliance members. Is Derrick going to cruise right to the final 2 in season 16? Right now there doesn’t seem to be much of anything standing in his way.

Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Who are you hoping to see in the final 2 this season?

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