Friendly Fox Named Pudding Too Nice For The Wild

This might be the friendliest fox that we have ever come across. Her name is Pudding and she’s an adorable fox that was found all by her lonesome three years ago before she was brought to the National Fox Welfare Society in England.

According to ABC News who spoke with the fox’s handler Mark Hemmington, she is simply too domesticated for the wild, even though they tried to integrate the fox back into the wild several times. Initially National Fox Welfare Society had plans to integrate Pudding into a litter of cubs in order to release her into the wild, but that didn’t pan out.

A pack of cubs were set up in a pen, but in a weird twist of events, a fallen tree closed off the entrance. Fortunately the cubs weren’t hurt, but this meant that it was another set back in integrating the fox back into the wild. While the cubs were able to be released into the wild, Pudding didn’t follow them.

“Pudding” posing again. He’s a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society. Photo by @vulpine69 — FOX FANS (@FoxVulpesVulpes) August 21, 2014

Hemmington explained:

“Pudding had no cubs to integrate with and bonded more with me.”

In the end Pudding was just too people friendly to be assimilated into the wild, so they decided to keep her as one of their own. Now Pudding the fox lives as their resident. That said, Hemmington isn’t encouraging people to keep foxes as house pets as they are still very wild animals and belong in the wild — that’s what makes Pudding so special.

“They are wild animals and that is where I believe they should be,” said Hemmington.

On the National Welfare Society it states of the organization:

“We are a completely voluntary organisation that has been running now for over 20 years, dedicated to helping the Red Fox in the UK by providing rescues for sick and injured foxes, treatments for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, cage traps for critically sick foxes though still mobile.”

So far everyone has fell in love with Pudding:

[Image via Bing]