Calvin Harris Forces Rita Ora To Delay Her New Album

Calvin Harris essentially took his songs and went home after breaking up with Rita Ora. As a result, the singer has officially delayed the release of her next musical endeavor.

Since Harris was instrumental in the creation of several songs on her upcoming record, including the hit “I Will Never Let You Down,” Ora essentially has to go back to the drawing board. Although the batch of tunes was originally slated to hit retail shelves later this year, the Daily Mail reports that the album probably won’t arrive until January.

Unfortunately for those who want the inside scoop about Calvin Harris and Rita Ora, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress isn’t talking about the matter. In fact, the singer brushed off questions about Harris’ decision during a recent interview in New York.

“Thank you, bye bye,” she replied.

The Mirror reports that Calvin Harris also shut down Ora’s opportunity to perform at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. While he didn’t give any specifics during a recent post on Twitter, he did confirm that it was his choice to ban her from using the songs.

“You’ll only know [one] side of the story [regarding the] Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk about every aspect of my personal life. But just know I had a damn good reason.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Calvin Harris yanked the rest of his songs away from Rita Ora after the couple called it quits earlier this year. Instead of letting her keep the tracks they put together, Harris reportedly passed the tunes around the industry. One singer who ended up with one or two of the songs was former America’s Got Talent contestant Alexis Jordan. No word on which tunes she snagged.

An anonymous source had a lot to say about the situation.

“Alexis has an amazing voice that works really well with house music, she`s a fan of the genre and hoping to put new material out soon. He`d made a lot of songs for her [Ora] but they`re now likely to go to other artists.”

Another insider revealed that the Calvin’s decision really messed things up for Rita.

“Rita’s album has hit a bit of a road block after Calvin pulled all the songs he had worked on for the project before they split. He’d made a lot of songs for her but they’re now likely to go to other artists. He doesn’t want to be linked with her, especially now she’s in a new relationship with Rich Hilfiger.”

What do you think about Calvin Harris delaying Rita Ora’s album?

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