Austin City Limits Starts With Crazy Kanye West Show [Video]

It was the beginning of Austin City Limits 2011 and the end of Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Tour," and it was awesome. Kanye put on a three-act passion play to close out the first day of the Austin music festival, complete with costume changes, a light show, monologues, and ballerina dancers.

Kanye started his set by performing "Higher" from far above the crowd on a platform crane. Here's a video of Kanye's entrance.

MTV reports that for an hour and a half Kanye West ran through hits like "All of the Lights," "Heartless," "Jesus Walks," "Golddigger" and "Run This Town." Here's a video of Kanye performing "Monster."

Before West performed "Runaway" at the end of the show, he said:

“This is the last night of this show, this is the last night ... there will be new times, but we gotta remember these times before we runaway.”
Kanye ended the show with an extended version of "Lost in the World," and before he left the stage he thanked his fans, Austin, his dancers, his managers, and his crew.

Kanye said:

"Thank you, Austin, for letting me go over my time."
It was rumored that Jay-Z would join Kanye West at Austin City Limits, but the Jiggaman never showed up. But Kanye and Jay-Z will get plenty of stage time together starting this October during The Throne tour. Jay-Z and Kanye are set to start rehearsals for the new tour this month in Birmingham, Alabama.

Were you at Austin City Limits? What was your favorite performance so far?