Burger King Brings Back Chicken Fries, Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About It

Burger King, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bring back chicken fries. One has to wonder why in the world the restaurant ditched the menu item in the first place. According to the internet, everyone and their great-grandmother lamented its untimely demise.

As we previously reported, Burger King famously reintroduced the weirdly delicious chicken fries earlier this month. Not surprisingly, folks from all over the nation celebrated its return by cramming the foodstuff into their gaping maws. At some point during the experience, they shared their thoughts and feelings about the situation on Twitter.

Do you know who else weighed in on Burger King’s wildly popular menu item? Bloggers. Lots of bloggers decided to order up the aforementioned product, prompting them to issue a series of entertaining reviews on their respective websites.

The Republican scribe Nick O’Malley decided to try Burger King’s chicken fries so nobody else would have to chow down on the internet’s current favorite guilty pleasure. As if that’s going to work. Although he wasn’t impressed with the amount of meat offered in each bite, the flavor seemed to overpower the shortcomings.

“Like other summer blockbusters, Chicken Fries are meant to be enjoyed without much (or any) deep thought. They’re the Michael Bay movies of fast food: There are a bunch of flavor explosions coming out of nowhere and there’s no real meat to the plot. It’s best to just cram through the whole thing and enjoy it without picking it apart.”

The so-called Fast Foodie was also impressed with Burger King’s latest offering. While the fries probably won’t win any major culinary awards, that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t hit the spot in a very satisfying way.

“The first bite was a bit strange as they are somewhat reminiscent of fish sticks in size but not in texture. After that little shock, I sat back in my plastic booth and enjoyed my Chicken Fries to the dulcet tones of the piped in Jason Mraz ‘The Remedy.’ BK’s Chicken Fries hit the fast food spot — not too greasy — and with the small sized meal, I was able to leave Burger King satisfied with very little ‘food shame.'”

Now that we know what a couple of bloggers think about Burger King famous menu item, let’s take a good look at a few witty Twitter posts about the fries. Warning: The Inquisitr apologizes in advance if you rush to the nearest BK restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

Are you beyond thrilled that Burger King brought back chicken fries? Are you eating some as you’re reading this article? If so, please let us know.

[Image via Burger King]