Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Enjoy Hanging On To ‘Bitterness’

Just because Ed Sheeran writes a song about you doesn’t mean he’s holding a grudge.

Like most musicians who are good with pen and paper, Sheeran often finds inspiration in the stuff he’s experienced. Be it good or bad, the British songwriter transforms these moments into something that folks from all walks of life want to hear. Such is the case of “Don’t,” a track on Sheeran’s sophomore album X (aka Multiply).

Although the tune paints someone in a pretty unflattering light, Ed told Capital FM that he doesn’t necessarily hold a grudge against the person. Of course, Sheeran stopped short of revealing who, exactly, the song is all about. As a result, several people have put together a few theories over the past several months.

At the end of the proverbial day, Sheeran doesn’t like to hold on to all that nasty and unhealthy bitterness. We really can’t say that we blame him.

“I know people hear the song and it might be fresh because it’s the first time they’ve heard it, but I think all parties involved have just moved on. It’s a year on from writing the song and it was a long time ago. With that track, I only felt that way for a week, and then I made my peace with it and got on with it… It just happened that that song was alright and I wanted to put it on the album. But I don’t have any bitterness towards that situation at all. I literally got over it within the week and the song just stuck around.”

Who is Ed Sheeran talking about in this razor-sharp tune? The Inquisitr previously reported that some folks believe the track is all about Ellie Goulding, Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend. Word on the street suggests she cheated on the poor guy with a member of One Direction at a hotel while Sheeran was hanging out in the lobby. Ouch!

Is there any truth to the rumor? That’s truly anybody’s guess at the moment. While it’s unknown if “Don’t” is actually about Ed’s relationship with Goulding, Sheeran explained that the scenario did take place. Unfortunately, he’s unwilling to point any fingers at the moment. Thanks for being such a nice guy, Sheeran. Sheesh.

The lyrics pretty much explain everything that went down.

“Never intended to be next but you didn’t need to take him to bed, and I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex is not like we were both on tour, we were staying on the same f***ing hotel floor.”

Who do you think Ed Sheeran was singing about in “Don’t”?

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