These Police Officers Are Pigs! Man Discovers Shady Deviousness From Speeding Ticket! [Video]

In general, the police are men and women who put their lives on the line to uphold the law. They are supposed to be shining pillars of authority in people’s communities. Here on The Inquisitr, we’ve reported on the sacrifices police officers have to endure just to make a living, such as one pregnant cop choosing to work or taking an unpaid leave. Even on our official Facebook page, we posted a beautiful video honoring cops. For most, it takes a big person to be a police officer. Sadly, not all who wear the uniform are for the people. As a matter of fact, they are the reason why the term “dirty cop” is in existence. If one wants to use a more derogatory term, “pig” works well too.

According it an article by KHOU, a motorist was caught speeding and handed a ticket for his moving violation in Northwest Houston, Texas on a Tuesday back in March. However, the motorist — who is only identified as Jerry — noticed something about the ticket HPD handed him that accounted for a major red flag: the ticket listed another HPD officer as a witness. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if the HPD officer giving ticket really had another one of his co-workers with him as a witness.

The reason Jerry knew this right off the bat is because he too is a police officer, which is why he is keeping his identity anonymous. He confirms this along with details about that event.

“I’ve been behind the radar gun. Immediately know that something’s hinky with the ticket. There was no other officer, he was the only officer there.”

Jerry’s case is just one of many where HPD officers are listing witnessing officers on tickets who were never there. Apparently, the ticket rigging scheme was used to collect hefty overtime checks by later appearing in traffic court. I-Team is now investigating the paper trail of records to see how deep this scheme goes.

The Blaze followed up on the article, listing Officers Gregory Rosa, Robert Manzaneles, and John Garcia as suspects. All three have been relieved of duty and reassigned to desk jobs while internal affairs continue their investigation. Ray Hunt, President of the Houston Police Officer’s Union, did state the union is prepared to represent the three for upcoming legal matters.

“Just to remind you like any other citizen, they’re innocent until proven guilty.”

A fourth officer, Rudolph Farias, was also under investigation, but committed suicide with a gun on a Tuesday afternoon in a police parking garage near downtown.

Details about the ticket rigging scheme were also reported in which most of them took place mostly on highways. In one case last May, Officer Manzaneles put Officer Farias down as a witness at 11:24 pm. at I-10 and Westcott Street. Another example in April alleges that three were in on it along the Katy Freeway.

More details will be reported about this ticket rigging scheme once they are available. However, we would like to stress to anyone living in the Houston area who received a speeding ticket to check if it shows signs of the ticket rigging scheme. What do you think about this situation? Should victims who already paid tickets be compensated? Let us know in the comments below.