Parents Learn Why 13-Year-Old Daughter Is So Popular Online, Calls Police After Startling Revelation [VIDEO]

Anyone who is a parent, that tries their hardest to be a good parent, deserves a round of applause especially in today’s society. Unlike any other time before, it is probably harder to be a good parent in both fairness and caring. The reason why is because the internet and television has opened many doors to children that shouldn’t be opened, at least at their age.

For a mother living in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, she learned this truth the hard way after discovering why her 13-year-old daughter was so popular online.

According to CBS, the Dinwiddie mother – who asked to remain anonymous to protect her family’s identity – went through her daughter’s cell phone and tablet. Once again, she only wanted to know why she became so popular and she found it. Her daughter, who is about to enter the eighth grade, had been sending naked pictures of herself to other teens and in return, they’d send naked pictures of themselves. They made the exchange mostly on Facebook thus why the numerous friend requests. As the Dinwiddie mother dug deeper into the situation, it turned out so bad, she called the police to investigate as detailed in her statement.

“What scares me is, this is much bigger than we realize. How many others are doing this and you don’t realize it.”

The parents became aware of what the 13-year-old daughter was doing through their other child who heard voices in her bedroom around 4 am. This prompted the parents to confiscate the electronics giving them a chance to look through them.

“Looking through the phone and the tablet we did find sexual pictures, conversations that were very inappropriate for her age.

Everybody wanted to be her friend, because according to these people, she was cool now.”

In short, this was all about identity and popularity but it is still sad to read that girls are exposing themselves at that age just so that everyone could like them, especially for boys who probably aren’t in her school. Apparently, the daughter exposed herself to high school boys too, and what’s worse, she was asked to fornicate with them as explained by the mother.

“We believe them to be 17-18ish… Definitely older than her. Did request that they have sex.”

The Blaze followed up on the article in which an attorney for the Commonwealth of Dinwiddie said that the young girl could be involved in some disciplinary action called “diversion” – a twelve-week set of classes that would also include parents; the older participants may face serious charges like contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

It is disheartening to write this, but this is nothing new. We here at The Inquisitr have reported on similar situations in children, primarily daughters, would post nude pictures of themselves online for the world to see. Back when Myspace was popular, a teenage girl was arrested for posting nude selfies of herself on her profile. However, this whole aspect of “underage porn” can also be contributed to businesses too such as American Apparel.

If you are a parent, we want to know what you would have done in this situation? Do you think the parents handled this situation the best they could? Did they go overboard? Did they not do enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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