If You Thought Nicole Scherzinger's Ice Bucket Video Was Hot, Wait Until You See Her New Single Cover

Nicole Scherzinger was the latest celebrity to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and she probably sparked a ton of jealousy in the process. The sultry chanteuse took the challenge while wearing beachwear, displaying a perfectly toned set of abs as she did it. Scherzinger's beach look, though, is nothing compared to her smoldering style on the cover of her new single.

The former X-Factor host was smoking hot in her two most recent publicized appearances. Her Ice Bucket Challenge got viewers all hot and bothered, of course, as Inquisitr reported yesterday. Earlier this week, though, Scherzinger released the jaw-dropping cover to her next single, entitled "On the Rocks."

If you need to go cool down, we'll understand.

Scherzinger didn't say when the song that accompanies the sexy picture will actually see release, but the picture itself seems like it's enough for some fans. Scherzinger's Instagram entry has been reshared more than 24,000 times in just a few days.

Nicole's "On the Rocks" will be the second single off Scherzinger's still-untitled sophomore album, following lead single "Your Love," which never really managed to carve out too much space for itself between the Iggy Azaleas and Ariana Grandes on the music charts. Nicole's forthcoming album was produced entirely by The Dream and Tricky Stewart. The lead single did manage to peak at number six in the UK, but that means Nicole's follow-up single will have to do a good deal of heavy lifting to get the album buzzing.

It's a flexible phase, though, and it could be talking about Scherzinger's own life. Nicole recently admitted that she had previously struggled with bulimia and substance abuse, but Scherzinger said that therapy and positive thinking have helped her regain control of her life.

"This is very exciting for me," Scherzinger said, "this chapter in my life, new album, new team behind me."

Reportedly, Scherzinger got engaged to longtime beau Lewis Hamilton in March of this year. Scherzinger finally said yes after Lewis' fourth attempt to get her to tie the knot with him. "On the Rocks," then, could maybe even describe their roller-coaster relationship. Then again, maybe Nicole and Lewis are in for some smooth sailing, now that Schersinger finally said yes.

Or "On the Rocks" could just be the way that Nicole prefers her cocktails. We won't know until the track comes out sometime in the near future. Still, though, that single cover has us feeling a bit lightheaded.