Hard On Cash: Can You Really Donate A Testicle And Walk Away With $35,000?

Recently the internet has been abuzz about the possibility of donating a testicle for a large monetary payout after an old Daily Buzz Live report resurfaced on Facebook. The article explains that one way for a man to earn some quick cash is to donate a testicle. The payout being $35,000, according to the report. So how exactly would a person go about donating a testicle? We found out for you.

The Huffington Post reported on the nutty procedure. In the article it is disclosed that a man, Mark Parisi, who was featured on an episode of Extreme Cheapskates had found a university study that was willing to pay $35,000 for a medical trial on a male subject. The trial would include removing one of the man's testicles and replacing it with a prosthetic one. Parisi said at the time,

"What you do is you go in and you donate one of your testicles, they replace it with an artificial one and when you check out after 14 days you get a check for $35,000."
There have been no reports since that outline if Parisi went through with the study; however, the publicity has left many men wondering how they can cash in on the deal. Online myth debunking site Snopes mentions the Huffington Post piece on Parisi as part of a larger effort declaring paid testicle donation as false.

With the recent resurgence of the perhaps dubious topic, forums across the web lit up with questions on where to sign up to donate. One thread on AR15 has men lining up to get the procedure, most of them don't seem to think they will miss one testicle. In fact, on the Tiger Droppings forum, many of the men seemed intrigued at the thought of a prosthetic testicle.

Unfortunately for those wanting to donate, it appears this offer is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. A couple things should be pointed out; a recent search of ongoing medical trials, testicle removal is not on the list. In fact, there are no testicle medical trials at the moment unless you have testicular cancer. Furthermore, what Parisi describes is not a donation in the sense that many are implying. The removed testicle was not to be transplanted into another or even studied for that matter. The medical trial was to study the removal process and prosthetic testicle as a replacement. Therefore, there was never a recipient to the donation.

Sadly for those seeking quick cash who have a testicle to give up, it appears you are out of luck. However, as the Daily Buzz Live article points out, there are other donations you can make to earn a small sum. Men can donate sperm and make anywhere from $30-$300 per donation or donate plasma at $20-$50 a pop. Sperm donors, be leery though. The Inquisitr previously reported that the state of Kansas demanded child support from a sperm donor.

If you are a woman, your prospects are even better. Women can earn $5,000-$10,000 for donating your eggs.

If the study came up again, would you get in line with all the forum posters to sell your testicle for $35,000?