Nazi Swastika Carved Into Boy’s Forehead Puts Teen In Prison For 11 Years

A 16-year-old Oregon teenager named Blue Kalmbach has been sentenced to 11 years in prison after he and several others tortured a boy and carved a Nazi swastika into his forehead. But that was only the beginning of what was done to the victim.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in general the usage of the Nazi swastika symbolizes the revival of violent Jew hate in Europe but when swastika banners flew over New York, a spokesperson called them a “symbol of peace.” There is actually a Nazi-themed cafe that uses the swastika in their displays, but when the infamous Nazi symbol was carved into a McDonald’s sandwich with butter an employee lost his job.

Kalmbach was one of four teenagers to be sentenced based upon a guilty please of kidnapping, robbery, and assault charges. Police say the teens spent an evening conceiving plans for torturing the victim. A teenage girl named Jenna Montgomery lured the victim in by inviting the other boy to hang out with her. In addition to carving out the swastika with a knife, the victim was shot with a BB gun, forced to eat cat feces, and hit with a crowbar and a cricket bat. After the torture was finished, Montgomery walked the victim out to the street and left him there.

Before the attack occurred, the victim and Kalmbach were described as best friends, although the victim is still very angry and has yet to forgive the other teen, who has since claimed he is “very sincerely sorry.” It’s said to not be clear what triggered the teens to torture their victim, although Kalmbach claimed the victim had been bullying him via Facebook. The victim’s mother claims the friendship ended when a girl broke up with Kalmbach and began dating her son.

Montgomery was sentenced last month to nearly 10 years in custody. An unnamed 14-year-old was sentenced in juvenile court to 10 years at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. The last of the four teens, 17-year-old Jess Taylor, was sentenced to seven years and nine months in prison.

The victim’s mother said the scar left by the Nazi swastika has almost healed although the now 17-year-old still suffer from nightmares. The teenager is switching to a different high school and plans on studying to become an auto mechanic.