Tina Fey Is Once Again Targeted by Sarah Palin

This after Sarah Palin was, once again, called out by Tina Fey. It’s a flip-and-flop game of tag that’s been going on since 2008 when Palin entered the limelight as candidate John McCain’s pick to be his running mate in that year’s presidential election. At the time, Tina Fey created her Sarah Palin alter-ego with a sketch on Saturday Night Live depicting Palin as a backwater beauty queen with classic “looks, but no brain” technique. It went over well and instantly shot Tina Fey to fame.

To say it clearly, comedienne Tina Fey has almost made a career by impersonating Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. Oh, sure, the SNL star has done other things, but she’s most known for her portrayal of the Alaskan soccer mom and one-time vice presidential hopeful. The fact that Tina Fey doesn’t usually portray Palin in a positive light is both the secret her comedic impersonation and the subject of ire for Sarah and her fans. One Palin-esque catch phrase Tina Fey invented became a meme when saying the line that global warming is “just God hugging us a little bit closer.”

To sum up the Palin side of things, Market Watch says it’s clearly on her behalf: “I hate that Tina Fey made me look like an idiot” is the headline.

So, when a show has clearly picked sides and is going with the “she’s an idiot” meme as one of their stars finds continued success on that front, what do you do? Well if you’re Sarah Palin, you try to confront Tina Fey in person on her own show and sincerely believe it won’t backfire.

Hey guys! I can see Russia from my house!The whole Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin crossfire is detailed in the new Live From New York book about SNL. An “oral history” of the show, the book chronicles the long history of the popular sketch comedy and variety show with anecdotes and short pieces written by the participants themselves. Having apparently learned nothing from her years in the limelight, Palin decided to contribute to the book.

Her contribution was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter in an excerpt before the book’s official release on September 9th. It quotes Palin as saying that she hated being portrayed as an idiot and that she feels Tina Fey owes her for the money made pretending to be the former Alaskan governor.

In some way, Palin could have a point. According to the Washington Post, Tina Fey is credited by some studies as having negatively affected Palin’s “likability” among voters. Tina Fey won an Emmy award for her SNL work, which includes impersonating the former Alaskan governor.

For her part, Tina Fey has kept quiet about this (so far). The comedienne is credited with creating the “I can see Russia from my house!” line so often attributed to Palin herself. More quotes from the book regarding Tina Fey and Sarah Palin can be read on the Inquisitr.