Kendra Wilkinson Divorce: Kendra And Hank Baskett Are Faking It For Ratings

Kendra Wilkinson is headed for divorce according to several sources, but she is hanging on to her marriage for the sake of her reality show. According to Radar Online, Hank is living in the couple’s home, still wearing his wedding ring, and participating in his normal day-to-day life. Right now? It’s all about the ratings.

Although Hank allegedly cheated on Kendra, and the two are no longer romantically involved, they are both under contract for Kendra on Top. Sources say that the couple is being forced to lie about their relationship until the show airs.

“[Hank’s] telling people he’s happy and that he and Kendra are having a great summer.”

According to The Inquisitr, Kendra and Hank are only getting along so that they can finish filming the new season of Kendra on Top, which is set to air in October. There have been plenty of things that Kendra and Hank have had to do together — such as go on “vacation” — but sources say it’s all for television. Why are ratings so important for Kendra? Well, since Hank left the NFL, his soon-to-be ex-wife is really counting on her reality show money. Which means she likely wants to film another season — even without Hank — and she isn’t going to be offered a contract if she doesn’t really bring it this season.

In Touch Weekly reports that Kendra is heavily depending on her income from the show. Now that she has two children, and she is planning on dumping Hank, she is going to have to support her family. Of course Hank will contribute, but Kendra knows that a good chunk of this is going to fall on her shoulders.

Kendra Wilkinson has hushed up divorce talk, going silent on social media, and not making any kind of public announcement about the state of her marriage. Why? To build anticipation of course! Kendra was more than likely told to keep her mouth shut, in hopes of huge viewership when Kendra on Top returns to television. People who don’t even care about Kendra and Hank might find themselves tuning in, just to see all of this play out right in their living rooms. And the network is already preparing viewers for quite the dramatic, emotional season.

Will you be watching Kendra on Top? Do you think Kendra and Hank will split officially after their contract ends?

[Photo courtesy of Peter Kramer / NBC]