Drudge Report: Even Russia Thinks Ferguson Police Are Militaristic

Drudge Report links to article of Russian official calling the police department of Ferguson, Missouri a problem.

Matt Drudge first rose to prominence for being among the first to break the Monica Lewinsky scandal during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Since then, his Drudge Report has continued to be one of the most-shared, most-liked sites in conservative circles — making him an icon to those who use terms like “lamestream media” and “O’bummer.” While his coverage of the Ferguson protests hasn’t exactly been anti-cop, Drudge Report made a point to share a story via Russian newspaper RIA Novosti on Wednesday about Russia’s criticism of Ferguson police department during the tormented situation playing out in the St.Louis suburb.

The critical article that Drudge Report shared quoted an interview by Russian 24-hour news channel Rossiya with Russian Foreign Ministry Human Rights Commissioner Konstantin Dolgoy in which he lambasted the United States government for their invasive foreign policy in the light of what appeared to him to be rampant domestic problems.

“We think U.S. authorities should pay closer attention to burning internal problems, including those related to ethnicity and race that still exist in the United States. Try to solve them via legal constitutional practices rather than unjustified and inadequate violence. What is happening in Missouri right now should have a sobering effect on U.S. society and authorities. They are systematic problems. They are by no means limited to one particular city or state.”

The U.S. government has been caught up for several months in how they will respond to the Russian and Ukrainian conflict. Pressure to take action was significantly augmented when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH1 was shot down over Ukraine’s airspace. It is difficult to clearly divide where left and right-wing Americans stand on the issue, but, as is characteristic of Drudge Report due to its varied audience, commenters bickered below the post, alternating between blaming President Barack Obama and the Republican Party.


Additionally, Drudge Report reposted another related article via conservative news source Breitbart that named a New York Times/CBS poll in which only 10 percent of Americans believed that race relations have improved during the Obama presidency. Drudge also retweeted an article via Yahoo in which NATO expressed fear because of a large amount of Russian troops accumulating on the Ukraine border.

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