Seth Rollins: WWE Has This Generation’s Shawn Michaels In The Architect

When I first heard of a guy named Tyler Black, he was just beginning his journey in Ring of Honor. I knew he had raw ability, but he was so young that he simply needed to grow into who he wanted to be. He would fly around, be technical, go to the ground, etc. It seemed like he didn’t know what he wanted to do. Finally he began to figure things out, and a lot of things were surprising; he was doing things no one saw before him. Most saw him as a once in a generation talent, which could be why the WWE eventually hired him. No one was doing what he could do with the look he had, and everything needed to be a star all rolled into one.

WWE saw this and offered him a developmental deal. He signed it and the rest was history. Becoming Seth Rollins in the WWE, he was able to show a lot to the WWE Universe from the beginning, which ultimately brought him up to the main roster to form The Shield with other developmental talents Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Rollins was very good in the ring, but needed character development as well as mic work. Since being part of The Shield, he learned these skills, and was able to show the change with both this year alone.

After WWE disbanded The Shield, the idea was to push Rollins to the moon, and it seems like they are doing just that. As Mr. Money in the Bank, he now has a big chance to become a World Champion, something that was originally an after-thought. It was assumed by most fans that all three Shield members will be big in the WWE for years to come. However, there is something special with all of them.

With Rollins, it is all-around skill in the ring that makes him who he is. His selling ability is among the best in WWE history, but his ability to work in any style of wrestling and have a good match with just about anyone is a skill that few people possess. One man did it better than any other in the WWE: Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Both he and Rollins are more alike than you would ever imagine.

Shawn Michaels

Michaels was known as a bad guy in his early career, he was seen as very talented with raw ability few had. He was political backstage and used his power to move up or to help get others over with him. He hated when things didn’t go his way. He was part of a talented tag team where he betrayed his partner and threw him through a window, shocking the world with his heel turn. He helped to form one of the greatest factions in WWE history known as D-Generation X. It was a group that did fine without The Heartbreak Kid. With him, however, the group was fantastic to watch.

WWE trusted Michaels with a lot, especially with the company’s future. He was not like other wrestlers at the time, as he was a good ring worker but didn’t have the big guy look WWE really encouraged at the time. Those who were good wrestlers still had a job with WWE, but it wasn’t always in the main event picture. As his career went on, he showed he could work with anyone… literally, anyone. He could have a compelling story with his friends, but also with those he barely knew. He is now a Hall of Famer and seen as the greatest in-ring performer WWE has ever employed.

Seth Rollins came in with a chip on his shoulder and he was hard to teach. That led to backstage problems, and he was almost dismissed from WWE due to the issues he was having with management, Terry Taylor in particular. WWE now has a lot of trust in Rollins and they want to make him part of their future, a key staple to it in fact. He was brought up with The Shield and was known as the Architect that kept the faction together.

He later destroyed what he called “his own creation” by hitting both members with a chair until they didn’t move, turning him heel. The Shield will go down as one of the best factions in WWE History. Since his arrival in developmental, Rollins has proven time and time again that he can work in the ring with anyone, literally… anyone. He can have matches that are amazing with his friends, but do well with people he barely knows. Rollins could seriously be the best in-ring performer WWE has right now.

All-around talent, Rollins could be the best WWE has on the roster. While people like Ambrose bring a character that cannot be matched and John Cena has star-power that cannot be rivaled by anyone, few people have everything you need in the company to be at the top. Guys like Daniel Bryan are seen as amazing ring-technicians, but between the two, it comes down to a Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels scenario. Both are good in everything, but only one is great with all things right now. One is a better technician, and can do things with holds and submissions that no one can match. Meanwhile, the best performer is Rollins.

Seth Rollins MITB Cena

That is not a slight to anyone else; it is simply obvious that as of now, the performer many have their eye on is Seth Rollins.

While Rollins cannot be claimed as better than HBK — which would say far too much right now — he easily could be seen as this generation’s version of Michaels. Most feel that Dolph Ziggler is the guy that you can compare to Michaels. While Ziggler has a lot going for him, there is a major difference between what Rollins has and what Ziggler has that makes Rollins the guy that is the most like HBK. The difference is style.

What I mean by this is that Rollins possesses the ability to work with anyone, but also has the ability to wrestle in any style that is thrown his way. Ziggler, on the other hand, masks his lack of ability to adapt to styles unknown by simply selling big or doing over-the-top performance techniques. This is something that works for Ziggler as it helps the match for him. Meanwhile, Rollins has already adapted. The Architect is not just a nickname; he literally is one in the ring. He has the blueprints to every model wrestler that is thrown his way, both big and small. On top of that, he can still make both you and himself look good in a win or loss.

Rollins is not just a gimmick for the time in WWE, but rather a key part of it’s future. Without him, WWE would be okay, sure. With him, however, WWE could develop into the company we once knew it as. On top of this, we’ll have some really entertaining matches to watch. At the end of the day, the next generation has to bring in something. They also need to repair what the last broke. Rollins in his Heartbreak Kid type of role could help to lead that.

What do you think though? Is Seth Rollins the WWE’s next Shawn Michaels? Or Should the WWE let Rollins be himself and the first Architect instead of the next Heartbreak Kid? Let me know below.

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