Hamas Claims To Have Executed 18 Suspected Informants For Israel


It has almost been a month since Israel and Palestine both declared they are in a state of war. Within that time, rockets have traversed the Middle East sky from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Cease-fires have been volleyed but none have even lasted a week, with one being less than a day. And that is just the general news.

Here on The Inquisitr, we reported specific details between both countries. Our latest news, as of the publication of this article, includes the Hamas finally admitting they killed the three Jewish teens. Another article reported that a rocket fired by Hamas destroyed a synagogue in Israel.

Now there are reports that Hamas executed 18 Palestinians who were suspected of being informers for Israel.

According to the New York Daily News, 18 Palestinians accused of being informants for Israel were executed on Friday. Their sentence was death by the hands of gunmen. At least two of the accused were women. As for seven of them, they were made an example as bags were placed over their heads, lined up against a wall near a Gaza City mosque, and sprayed with machine gun fire just as worshipers finished their midday prayers. The remaining eleven were executed in similar fashion at Gaza City’s police headquarters.

A man accused of being an informant for Israel is lead through the streets right before his execution.

However, experts at Al Jazeera state that informants may or may not be assisting Israel of their own free will. By what they write, most are blackmailed into betraying their own people by Shin Bet, the Israel security force.

The Jerusalem Post followed up on the initial news stating that more Palestinians suspected of providing information to Israel will be executed as well. This comes on the heels of Israel’s successful attack that struck and killed several high level commanders in the Gaza Strip, which includes Muhammad Abu Shamalah and Ra’ad Atar. There was also an attempted assassination of the Hamas military wing’s commander Mohammad Deif.

As of now, Hamas security officers recently arrested a number of women suspected of passing information to Israel about the movements of militiamen and the results of Israeli air strikes.

One of the eight to be executed on the wall near a mosque is driven down to his knees.

What do you think about the Hamas executing their own countrymen? From what you know about the Hamas, do you believe they truly found informants in which by the art of war justifies execution, or are they just killing their own people possibly for war propaganda? Let us know in the comments below.

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