Cross-Dressing Mafia Boss Arrested In Sicily

Police have arrested an extravagant mafia boss, who has a reputation for cross-dressing and poetry, which had previously been on the run from authorities.

Aldo Gionta is the boss of a Naples Camorra mafia contingent, a role he inherited from his highly revered father, Valentino Gionta. Aldo, 42, was arrested as he tried to board a ferry bound for Malta in Sicily wearing civilian clothing and using false papers.

Aldo is believed to have risen through the ranks after his father went to prison due to his participation in turning the Camorra into a drug and extortion empire during the 1980s. This also saw Valentino align his mafia conglomerate with Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, which exponentially progressed the Camorra’s sway in the criminal underworld.

While on the run from police officials, Aldo decided to wear wigs and dress as a woman in order to avoid being arrested. According to La Stampa, a daily Italian newspaper, one investigator declared upon learning of Aldo’s antics,”Camorra mobsters aren’t what they used to be.”

It’s been reported that when Mr Gionta was arrested, he was wearing more somber clothing than the attire he had previously been linked with. In fact, Aldo is believed to have disappointingly been simply wearing a T-shirt and glasses when he was caught.

Gionta also enhanced his reputation as one of the most idiosyncratic and unique mafia bosses in the history of organised crime during his stint in jail back in 2008. According to the Telegraph, during his incarceration he wrote secret notes to his son that led some people to label him a “poet.” Members of the mafia even referred to him as “the poet boss.”

One note, which was later seized by investigators, read: “Learn to shoot with a machine gun, shotgun and Kalashnikov.” His work clearly struck a chord with some people though as Tony Marciano, a reputed Naples singer, decided to use some of his messages as lyrics in his songs.

In fact, one of his songs, “Nun ciamm arrennere,” which translates as, “We Must Not Surrender,” actually criticizes members of the mafia that turn into government informants and betray those closest to them.

In July 2012, Marciano, who is a key member of the Naples Neomelodic scene, which sees crooners sing passionate love songs in their local dialect, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and drug dealing. The aforementioned song even references his feelings on the subject.

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