Justin Bieber Didn’t ‘Almost Hit’ An Old Woman, But A Spyder On A Sidewalk Is Illegal Biebs

Did Justin Bieber nearly knock down an old woman on his illegally-sidewalk mounted Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler bike in Los Angeles? Short answer: No. But it got you clicking.

Justin Bieber was caught on video illegally riding his three-wheeler Spyder motorcycle on a sidewalk in Los Angeles in footage obtained by TMZ.

The gossip site states the R&B/Pop superstar “almost hit” an elderly woman using a walker.

However, that claim is not accurate. From the footage, the woman was not in any danger of being hit.

Neither were other pedestrians, as Bieber looked in control of the Spyder.

To watch the video, click the highlight.

To be clear: the singer — who surely knows better — shouldn’t have been illegally riding his Spyder on an L.A. sidewalk.

It’s the kind of “but-for-the-grace-of-god” misstep that will give Bieber’s team and his lawyers heart palpitations.

But, to an objective observer, it is the ante-raising, narration of the paparazzo tailing Bieber that – arguably – stands out as alarmist.

The “Baby” singer is seen driving his Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler motorbike on the curb, past a parade of shops to beat the traffic backed up on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills during 77-seconds of footage filmed on Thursday, August 21.

The paparazzo following and filming Bieber from a vehicle on the parallel road, deliberately voices his commentary in an over-dramatic manner.

From the start, Justin appears to drive very slowly along the sidewalk. Cue the paparazzo:

“He’s going on the sidewalk. Oh my God!”

Another “Oh my God!” follows seconds later, for no apparent reason – other than the same illegality – and actually occurs at the same time that the Canadian slowed down to a crawl and looked like he was saying “Hi” to a young woman.

Bieber then rode his Spyder from the curb onto a street at an intersection by a set of lights.

He kept an illegal, but clear distance from the old woman with a walker and a man walking with two boys, before rejoining his three pals on bikes who had stayed in the traffic.

This is accompanied by a final, unnecessary “Whoa!” from the watching paparazzo.

Once back in traffic, Justin is seen jamming in his Spyder bike seat to rock, while waiting for lights and traffic to move. The still-tailing pap wound his window down so the music could be heard on the video.

TMZ’s “Justin Bieber… Almost Nails Disabled Woman” angle is clearly sensationalist.

Unfortunately, for Bieber, that’s not the point.

Despite the fact that he drove at a slow speed at all times on the curb, it was illegal and could have ended badly if a child or other pedestrian has suddenly darted across his path.

Moreover, he is currently on two years probation after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge related to the egging of his former neighbour’s home in January. Terms of his plea deal include 12 weeks of anger management, five days community service and the payment of $80,900 restitution to the neighbor.

Probation authorities may well take a dim view of Bieber’s Spyder meets sidewalk stunt, and the video may have already have been brought to the attention of authorities.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Justin Bieber with bike helmet, pal R&B singer Khalil Sharieff and security walking through Beverly Hills mall on Thursday, August 21.)

The singer was reportedly seen beginning his L.A. day on a black trike, then swapped it to a red BRP Can-Am Spyder RT-S.

After Bieber’s crew dropped by a pal’s apartment in Los Angeles’ Wilshire area, they were spotted browsing around the popular Beverly Center mall, where the evidently self-conscious singer kept his bike helmet on.

Is it fair that an exuberant, 20-year-old is followed nearly every waking moment of his life by paparazzi looking to capture exactly the kind of footage Bieber delivered on Thursday?

No, it isn’t. But, this wild star needs to get with the program — and quickly — and realize that with his already piling criminal record and a jail threat if he violates probation, he can’t afford to take needless chances with his freedom and others’ safety.

In short Biebs, don’t make it easy for commercially-motivated media outlets to nail you to a cross of your own making.

[Images via Kmm-Blip-VIP/X17Online.com/MailOnline].