Chris Bukowski Denies Ever Having Sex With Elise Mosca On ‘Bachelors in Paradise’

Chris Bukowski may have gone on Bachelors in Paradise in hopes of finding love, but his time on the show was short-lived. After getting a knee injury on the show, he decided to pack his bags and leave it all behind. But he did bring Elise Mosca with him as he went back home. Elise was convinced that she had found someone who she could be with forever, despite everyone’s warnings that he was a player.

Chris and Elise did manage to have one overnight date on Bachelors in Paradise, and they decided to go to the hotel room together. Viewers were left wondering what happened, and with Bukowski’s reputation of being a player and Elise clearly falling for him, many assumed that they hooked up. But apparently, Chris behaved.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Bukowski is now revealing that they did not have sex while filming the show. In fact, they have never hooked up, despite dating for over a month after returning home. On the show, Bukowski wanted “to spend the night together,” but with his knee injury, things never got feisty between them in the hotel room.

“We actually ended up not even sleeping in the same room that night,” Chris Bukowski has revealed of their date. Even when they got home, they continued to see one another, but never ended up in bed together.

“So you’re gonna tell me that you did not have sex with Elise that night,” says the radio interviewer.

“Correct, we actually never have,” Chris replies. “I swear to you I never did.”

Chris Bukowski tends to send different signals. He loves hooking up with girls, but has said that he is ready to find “the one.” According to The Inquisitr, Chris broke things off with Elise because he “wasn’t confident that Elise was the right girl for me and didn’t want to lead her on to believe anything different.” She may have met Bukowski’s parents, but things ended up not working out for them. She has yet to speak out about the breakup.

Even though things didn’t work out for Elise, she did go home with Bukowski for all of the right reasons. She did get warnings that Chris wasn’t necessarily the right guy for her, but she followed her heart and wanted to see what it could lead. And she did get his attention for about a month after leaving paradise.

What do you think of Chris Bukowski speaking out about their lack of sex on Bachelors in Paradise?

[Image via Ryan Seacrest]