These Children’s Books Are Hilariously Disturbing, But They Might Be Vital For Raising Awareness

Children’s books are often quite light-hearted, fun to read, and always illustrated. They attempt to teach valuable lessons of life and make the kids aware of their surroundings. More often than not, books also teach the pitfalls of the modern and oft-cruel world. Tackling sensitive issues like domestic abuse and child-birth certainly isn’t easy. But these books can alleviate the pains of imparting embarrassing, though vital knowledge. Perhaps the writers of these children’s books had the same intention when they penned these timeless classics.

One of “those” journeys:

That Is Surely A Weird Illustration, But It Is Important For Children To Understand The The Process

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Certainly a weird way to state the truth, but children do need to learn the simple biological fact:

That's A Very Weird And Frankly Unrelated Illustration, Save For One

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Now that’s a very bitter pill to swallow:

Perhaps Little Timmy Should Start Taking On Additional Responsibilities, Just In Case

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Though titled a bit oddly, this book teaches a very vital lesson about understanding the needs of the elderly:

Apparently Not Many?

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A book about alcohol abuse no doubt, but perhaps such books shouldn’t be in the children’s section?

Perhaps This Book Is Meant For Dads? The Leash In The Kid's Hands Is Disturbing

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This book is about Alzheimer’s disease, but the illustration is far more suggestive than it should be:

A Book That Might Actually Save Your Kid

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The knowledge imparted in this book will help the child grasp the basics of childbirth, but the illustrations do not quite match-up.

That's A Nice Way To Tell Them Kids How They Came Into This World

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Being a co-joined twin is certainly difficult, though a rather rare phenomenon. However, in case such a student(s) is present in the class, this book will ensure the children learn to be accommodating towards the pair.

That's A Little Too Graphic, But The Child Has To Learn Sensitivity

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Children’s books can be downright creepy and sometimes frightening, as many authors aren’t trained to handle the delicate issues. Though the knowledge imparted via these books is certainly crucial, shouldn’t these books undergo thorough scrutiny by multiple agencies?

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