AirBnB Patrons Often Get Fascinating Insights Into The Eating Habits Of The World

AirBnB has opened up a whole new revenue source for home and property owners. They are now making a ton of money from their accommodations by listing their apartments, duplexes, and condos on AirBnB. But, apart from the monetary gains, renters who arrive from different corners of the world allow the home owner to learn a lot about foreign cuisine and eating habits.

Narrating her own experience, as reported by The Guardian, Henrietta Clancy describes the contents that filled her “allocated for AirBnB” shelf in the refrigerator. According to her experiences, people from different regions exhibit varying levels of comfort with the local cuisine. They may either wholeheartedly be open to whatever is on their plate or ensure their food menu remains strictly unaltered throughout their stay.

Though her experiences are strictly limited to her guests, Clancy has entertained one too many to be sure about their culinary preferences. The Germans source locally, but eat regionally; her German guests, didn’t bring any food from their hometown, but instead raided the local Lidl, a German global discount supermarket chain that has stores in all major towns. They brought with them cheeses, canned pulses and multiple edible (questionable!) items stored in brine solution.

Having the freedom to choose via AirBnB allowed the Germans to precisely choose their temporary abode based on the proximity to their favorite global store, Nancy feels. Since Brits love their tea, British guests who arrived via AirBnB brought along Strongbow, a box of tea and a packet of dried rice, but surprisingly chose to ignore it.

The items continued to occupy the shelf long after their departure. The Italians love their coffee and to cook, so the Italian couple enjoyed making caffeinated drinks and enjoyed eating nondescript tubs of natural yoghurt. Essentially, they had very simple tastes and were more interested in exploring the local scene rather than fret about “what’s for dinner.”

The Fridge Tells A Lot About The eating Habits And Is A Vital Feature For All Homes

Nancy explains why the refrigerator is such a vital feature that attracts these foreign tourists. AirBnB offers an opportunity to locate a home away from home. Most of us routinely head straight to the fridge to check out what’s available. We may not take anything out, but a critical survey is always essential. Restocking the fridge firmly symbolizes arrival at your own abode. With its latest campaign, AirBnB has attempted to tug at the heartstrings of New Yorkers. Perhaps it will have a much better response if it creatively imbibes these feelings of exploring the gastronomic wonders of the world in its advertisements.

[Image Credit | AirBnB, Commonsense Country Girl]