‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Who Is HOH Now That The Evicted House Guest Is Back?

When Big Brother 16 house guest Christine Brecht nominated her once-BFF Nicole Franzel for eviction, a nomination that would result in Nicole’s departure from the house, she peppered her speech with a stinging explanation of her actions: “I am going to take this knife out of my back, and return it to its owner, so I know it can’t be used again.” The quote was made immortal by a transcript on Morty’s TV. The “knife” Christine referred to was Nicole’s apparent intention to backdoor her when given the chance — a falsehood told to Christine to get her to target Nicole.

Unfortunately for Christine, getting Nicole out was short-lived. Her fellow blonde with glasses won her way back into the house tonight, and that knife may still be in play. However, if the still-solid alliance of The Detonators gets its way, Nicole’s return won’t last long, and Christine won’t have to campaign too hard for protection.

As Buddy TV reports, after the CBS cameras went dark tonight, Nicole had beat out her fellow jury members Jocasta Odom, Hayden Voss, and the just-evicted Zach Rance to get back into the game. An HOH competition was held soon afterwards, and since the Battle of the Block twist is now over for the season, the person with the power doesn’t have to worry about losing it — or trying to execute a complicated plan that would see a target sent home without getting the opportunity to win safety.

Cody Calafiore is this week’s HOH, and that means Christine’s safety is assured, given that the two are noted cuddle-buddies. Despite the fact that Christine has a husband back home, she and Cody have been physically affectionate throughout the Big Brother summer, though they have yet to lock lips. Even if this wasn’t the case, the house’s cop-in-control Derrick made it clear to everyone that the real targets this week are Donny and Nicole. According to Big Brother Network, after the returning house guest competition, Derrick immediately told the house’s remaining men, except for Donny, that no one was to speak with Nicole privately.

As Big Brother Network pointed out, when Judd was returning house guest on last season, he lasted a mere two weeks before going back to jury. The blog’s Matthew Boyer, writing before Nicole was identified as the returning guest, said the scenario would be similar this year unless there was a break in the guys’ alliance.

As for the departure of Zach Rance this evening, it was the end of Zankie, one of the most entertaining pairs on the show this season. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Frankie had the option to be the first house guest to make a move against Derrick. He chose instead to get rid of his closest friend in the house, although, as Big Brother Network points out, Frankie has long had it in for Zach, a spin that never made it on to the Big Brother television broadcast.

[Image: CBS/Big Brother]