Megyn Kelly Wishes Ferguson Protests Would Just Stop Interrupting Her [Video]

Megyn Kelly treads a fine line among viewers of her show on Fox News. At times, she appears to be more liberal than colleagues like Bill O’Reilly, but on other days she’s lambasted by the left as just another pawn in the conservative network’s pundit game. But one thing Kelly can’t be called is cowardly. When her producers began to interrupt a segment on her show The Kelly File about executed American journalist James Foley with coverage of Ferguson protests, Megyn shot back with the following barbed quote:

“Look, it’s, the protesters and the police are clashing again, alright, they’re clashing again. But we’re talking about the death of an American who was beheaded.”

Online political blogs and newspapers were divided about Kelly’s reaction to the producer’s decision to redirect her coverage. Conservative news source The Daily Caller stayed fairly central in its presentation of the clip, although comments below the article were largely supportive of Megyn. New York Magazine, however, posted a negative response to Kelly’s outburst.

“On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was not happy when her broadcast about the terrible murder of journalist James Foley was interrupted by breaking news out of Ferguson, Missouri. Not happy at all… Major national news stories that reignite a necessary conversation about race in America are sooooo boring.”


Kelly has covered the Ferguson protests extensively on her program, including a segment once again last night where she summarized the cases on both sides of the issue, reported Fox News Insider.

“Not justice, period, but justice for Michael Brown, who may very well be the victim of murder at the hands of an out-of-control cop or may be a young man who committed a robbery and then went on to brutally assault a police officer, causing that cop to fear for his life. All of this will be determined by the justice system, where both sides will be eventually be heard… The protesters in Ferguson chant, ‘No justice, no peace.’ But justice is supposed to be blind to the will of a community, a state senator, even a governor.”

Megyn Kelly openly claims that she is a straight, unbiased news anchor. She has clashed with fellow Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly on more than one occasion, including a heated discussion about income inequality this Junel where O’Reilly told Kelly she had disappointed him by “buying into this fraud” that income inequality has risen steadily over the years.

[Photo via Fox News]