Kate Upton Bedsheet: Ad For Sam Edelman Has Sexy Kate Upton In Bed With A Shoe

Sam Edelman

Kate Upton is covered in a bedsheet and clutching on to a burgundy stiletto in a new ad for Sam Edelman. According to E! Online, Upton inked a deal with the shoe giant, and some of her new fall advertisement campaign photos have now been released. Although she is fully clothed in the photos, her sexy, sultry look (and perhaps the fact that she is laying on a bed) got serious attention on the web on Thursday.

Oh, and in case you were wondering the point of the ad? Sometimes a girl just wants her shoes — and, in this case, her Sam Edelman stilettos, according to The SpreadIt. The 61-year-old shoe designer had a vision for Upton’s shoot… and it looks like the photographers nailed it.

“This campaign reveals Kate in an intimate one-on-one moment. With the launch of our apparel line this season, we can dress her from toe to head but sometimes all she wants are her Sams.”

Kate Upton’s bedsheet photo was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. It is the first photo from her third season with Sam Edelman. Do you think the shoe company will keep her signed on to represent their brand?

In other Kate Upton news, the super model recently completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many people (read men) were disappointed by Upton’s charity shower, because she was fully-dressed. There certainly was not a bikini involved in her soaking, and that has caused some debate. Some people think that it would have been inappropriate for Upton to have done the challenge in a bikini because it would, in some ways, be disrespectful. Others feel as though Kate should have put on a bathing suit because it would have raised more awareness for ALS.

Whether or not you think Kate got it right for her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, it seems clear that Sam Edelman got it right when hiring Upton to represent their brand. There are not too many things that Kate does that people don’t pay attention to, and it is safe to say more people are talking about Kate’s new shoe ad than her Ice Bucket Challenge. Is that a bad thing? Probably not for Sam Edelman.

[Photo courtesy of Random Humor Blog]