WWE News: Why WWE Doesn’t Want Bully Ray Back With The Company

TNA just let go the most important man in their company, Bully Ray. It’s very easy to say he was the lifeblood of that dying organization, but the truth remains the same Bully did so much for TNA, and WWE respectively, that it is fair to comment that TNA owes Bully as much money as he wants.

Although, TNA doesn’t have the money to pay him the allotted salary he deserves so Bully quit. He was TNA’s best heel, personality, authority figure and backstage leader. That will hurt the locker room the most. Bully is a natural-born leader, and he was a role model for all TNA talent.

Bully Ray

The WWE has a rare opportunity staring at them in the face. Bully is now a free-agent, which gives Vince McMahon and Triple H a chance to capture one of the world’s best professional wrestlers. A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests WWE isn’t interested in Bully, not even for backstage purposes.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that even though Bully Ray may be on his way out of TNA, there is no interest on WWE’s behalf into signing him.

WWE didn’t show interest in him for a few years, and didn’t try to sign Devon when he was recently available. In addition to this, his age is a factor, and he has some detractors in WWE, most notably Randy Orton.

Bully would become WWE’s best official in NXT. Even though his age is getting up there, 43, his ability to put on a five-star match remains. Look at last week’s tag-team match against the Hardyz in New York, that match was phenomenal. Bully and Devon were in rare form that night.

It’s also no secret WWE needs to bolster their tag-team division even more. Yes, they have the Uso’s, Wyatt Family, Stardust/Goldust and Rybaxel, but that’s it. Out of the four major tag-teams, only two, maybe three, are legitimate. Imagine what Dudley Boyz could do to that division. There wouldn’t be any room for argument. WWE would own the best tag-division in professional wrestling.

TNA Wrestling

Even with Spike TV extending TNA until the end of the year, Bully left when the time was right. Jeff Hardy is on his way out, as well as Kurt Angle. Three huge names will ultimately crush the promotion. WWE has an opportunity to re-create what TNA did last week.

The Dudley Boyz vs. the Hardyz would sell in a big way. Guys like Hulk Hogan can’t sell a match anymore, but both tag-teams are still hot in the professional wrestling world. WWE cannot ignore both tag-teams when both officially go on the free-agency market. Granted their budget diminished, but I’m sure those four men can come to terms with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Fans from the Attitude Era demand good wrestling, well, that would be good wrestling.

[Images via Examiner.com and Bleacher Report]