‘Destiny’ Map Size Small On PS4 And Xbox One? Bungie Shoots SPNKR At Critics

'Destiny' Map Size Small On PS4 And Xbox One? Bungie Shoots SPNKR At Critics

Is the Destiny map size too small? Some fanboys have already been criticizing the Destiny PS4 and Xbox One release even before seeing the final product. Members of Bungie are actually that fans would say such a thing since technically this game is far bigger than anything they’ve created before.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you considering the games that Bungie created before Halo it seems obvious the company has a history of being innovative, which should mean the Destiny map size issue can be handled by one of several ways.

Bungie has always been reluctant to call Destiny a MMO and for good reason. Even when it comes to Destiny’s map size issue, “normal” MMOs like World of Warcraft are tremendous in size in comparison. They’ve also avoided the MMO label because it creates marketing confusion since it’s assumed gamers may be confused or at least have unrealistic expectations of what to expect from the final game.

Bungie director of production Jonty Barnes told Eurogamer he was surprised that anyone was claiming Destiny’s map size was too small:

“If I’m honest with you, it blew my mind, because it’s the biggest game we’ve ever made. I don’t think people understand the depth and amount of gameplay there is in Destiny. I don’t understand how people could have that concern when you think about that and all the different planets we’re going to open up and the gameplay we’ve got there. I honestly believe Destiny is a huge game. I can tell you that through blood and sweat as well. It’s been a huge game and undertaking for us. Compared to anything we’ve done before, if you’re going to do a comparison, you’re laughing, honestly.”

To a certain extent, the criticisms do have a valid point. Having to release Destiny on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 does put a practical limit on what can be done based upon the memory limitations of the old consoles, although it could be argued that Far Cry 3 had a huge open FPS world and it ran okay on the older consoles. In this day and age having to suffer through long loading screens seems kind of old hat, and both the Xbone and the PS4 have 8GB of memory in total to work with. Even if Destiny’s map size was not larger Bungie should have at least allowed the world to be more seamless.

At the same time, we only know what we saw from the Destiny beta and that was fairly limited in scope on purpose. Until we play the final games, it’s hard to say whether or not Destiny’s map size is a real issue or just fanboys huffing and puffing.