Can You Define These Currently Hip Teen Slang Words? Check Your Cluelessness In This Video

Every generation of teenagers has its own special slang language — and it all sounds weird to the generations the came before. The “daddy-o” of the 1950s and “far out” of the 1960s must have sounded just as strange to the grown-ups of those eras as “yolo” and “WTF” sound to adults today.

At the same time, if you happen to be a grown-up who has a teenager or two in the house, communicating with that teen is, well, pretty important. Now, be careful. Don’t actually try to use teen slang words in conversation with your teen. You’ll just end up sounding like a noob.

But it does help to know what your kid is saying when he or she uses words like “swerve,” “grind” and “dope” to mean things that don’t sound like what they used to mean.

This entertaining video from our hip-talking homies at BuzzFeed not only educates you on the meaning of some currently popular teen slang words, it also demonstrates just how clueless grown-us are when it comes to teen slang.

So test yourself — how many of these teen slang words do you know?