Kid Cudi Teams Up With Italian Designer Giuseppe Zanotti For High-Top Sneakers

Todd Rigney

Kid Cudi is the latest rapper to get into the footwear game.

If you want to make some serious money from the hip-hop community, then you need to make some high-end sneakers. This sort of lucrative endeavor has worked out extremely well for the likes of Kanye West, though he's not exactly thrilled with how Nike handled the whole affair. But that's a story for a completely different article.

To ensure that his kicks are among the very best on the market, Kid Cudi teamed up with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti for the aptly-titled the Kid Cudi x Giuseppe Zanotti high-top sneakers. Complex claims the upcoming footwear will feature "premium red nappa leather upper with a thick white midsole atop an aggressive outsole. The futuristic sneakers are finished off with a padded ankle collar and oversized velcro straps."

Have you seen Kid Cudi's sneakers? Interested parties who haven't stuffed their ocular cavities with the incredibly puffy shoes can correct this problem by taking a good look at the images embedded below. If you hate the color red, don't bother.

i need dem kid cudi shows to match w my squishy figure

— FKA loans (@justin_loans) August 21, 2014

Giuseppe Zanotti created futuristic sneakers inspired by @KidCudi's Cud Life tour attire.

— HIP HOP FACTS (@OnlyHipHopFacts) August 20, 2014

Before you drain your bank account of available funds and rush out to the nearest shoe store to snag a pair of Kid Cudi shoes, it's worth noting that the kicks aren't available just yet. In fact, reports that the high-tops won't arrive on retail shelves until next year. Start saving your pennies now.

Although Kid Cudi and his Italian collaborator are understandably excited to share these insanely red shoes with the masses, what do shoe fanatics think about the footwear? Check out some Twitter reactions to the sneakers below.

Kid Cudi shoes look like moon boots

— Nickerlicious (@gwiggles_) August 20, 2014

So disappointed in these Kid Cudi inspired Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

— E͎r͎b͎e͎a͎r͎ (@MikeThighson) August 21, 2014

& kid cudi comes out with the ugliest shoes of all time.

— chris (@ThrisCan_) August 21, 2014

Kid Cudi gets a 2 for the boiled hot dog shoes. 9.7 on originality though

— kenny (@jailposejesus) August 21, 2014

Those Kid Cudi shoes look like a bunch of Fruit Rollups stacked on top of a sole... Keep them jawns.

— Josh.. or something (@JSpazzArt) August 20, 2014

Kid Cudi got shoes that legit look like throw up

— Adriel (@bigfACEs_06) August 20, 2014

Are you planning to pick up a pair of Kid Cudi's high-tops?

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