Secret Tricks And Tips To Make You More Productive — Your Brain Will Thank You

Do you find your productivity lagging during the day — or anytime you need to get something done? Maybe sometimes you have a important email to write, or work project to complete, or just the household bills and expenses to tackle, and it feels like your brain is simply not up to the task.

Well, as always The Inquisitr is here to help. Thanks to our brainy friends at BuzzFeed, we’ve got a video that will take just two minutes of your time, but if you follow the tips and tricks you’re about to learn by clicking the previous link, your brain will thank you. And so will your employer, your family, or whoever is relying on you to get work done. And that may the most important person if your life, the one you never want to let down.


We’ve brought you “brain hacks” before, to improve your memory. The “hacks” in this video will improve the overall function of your brain, as well as your eyes and the rest of your body, with just a few simple steps that cost nothing and that anyone can take.

Most of these seven tips and tricks help you take the strain off of your brain. For example, one key piece of advice — that goes against pretty much all the work propaganda you’ll hear in the digital age — has to do with multi-tasking. The advice is simple: do not, repeat, do not do it.

No matter what you hear from your boss or from your teenage kid who swears he can do his homework while watching The Big Bang Theory and texting his girlfriend at the same time, the human brain is not capable of multitasking.

We may feel like we’re multitasking when we have 25 tabs open in our web browser, or when we’re taking on six projects at once. But all your brain is actually doing is shifting from one task to another really fast. And your brain hates that. Multitasking not only decreases your productivity, it can make you cranky and generally unpleasant to be around as well.

Another little tip for working better — stop working! At least for short periods of time. Rather than sitting at your desk or staring at your computer, take a short walk. Even just 10 minutes of fresh air and mild exercise will make you more productive, not less, even though you’re not actually “working.”

So devote two minutes to this video, try these tips and tricks, and watch your productivity soar. In fact, just to help you focus on reading before you watch the video, BuzzFeed asks us not to embed this vieo, so watch it at this link.

[Image: lightwave media / Shutterstock]