‘Love And Hip Hop’ Star Joe Budden Could Be A Wanted Man After Beating

Joe Budden may be a popular rapper in New York, but his name became a recognizable one on television after he started sharing his personal life on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Budden was fighting to keep his girlfriend, Tahiry, with him after several years together. But Tahiry had a tough time trusting him. He got down on one knee to propose to her to show her his commitment, but Budden was shut down. He has since been dating other women.

But Budden’s name is being dragged through the headlines this week due to a violent altercation that supposedly took place. Joe Budden is being accused of attacking and beating an ex-girlfriend, whose identity has not been confirmed. The cops in New York and New Jersey are currently looking for him.

According to a new TMZ report, Joe Budden could be a wanted man if the police finds enough evidence against him. They are currently investigating what happened and the girl’s bruises are tough to look at. This beating is being compared to a Chris Brown-Rihanna beating. TMZ has some of the alleged photos.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet and Budden has not issued a statement of innocence. But sources say that Budden supposedly saw pictures of this woman with some other men and flipped out. He found her in a New York City restaurant, dragged her out and choked her during their fight. He then slammed her head into the dashboard. Budden drove off with her in the car. The beating supposedly continued in New Jersey.

If this story is true, there should have been witnesses who saw Joe Budden drag the woman out of the restaurant. Police have not called Budden a person of interest, but it sounds like they just want to talk to him and ask him a few questions. On his social media pages, Joe has said that he wanted to “blow off steam” by going out. However, it is unknown whether this statement was related to the beating.

But this Love and Hip Hop franchise isn’t the only one that is making headlines these days. The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta just had its season finale this week and the cast is getting a huge shakeup. Joseline, Stevie J, Benzino and Althea will all return next season. However, long-time co-stars Scrappy, Erica, Kirk and Rasheeda are all being laid off. Even Mama Dee won’t be returning, according to this cast list published by The Inquisitr.

Do you think the accusations against Joe Budden could hurt his role on Love and Hip Hop?

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