New Documentary ‘Corpus Christi’ Portrays Jesus Christ As A Gay Man, Christians Are Outraged

For most people — whether they’re religious or not — the perceived view of Jesus Christ is that of a popular notion. Born in a manger from a virgin, teacher to twelve, healed the sick, performed miracles, died for our sins, and resurrection are just some things we recognize in general of the Son of God. However, a new documentary is going a different direction in which they want to change the sexual orientation of Jesus to that approved by the LGBT groups.

That is right! The controversial play Corpus Christi will now make its premier as a documentary, and what is unique about it is that it portrays Jesus Christ as a gay man.

Corpus Christi
The play "Corpus Christi" received a lot of controversy for portraying Jesus Christ as a gay man.

According to an article by The Huffington Post, the controversial play by Terrence McNally will now have its experiences made into a documentary. Originally appearing in the Manhattan Theater Club back in 1998, the premier was met with massive protests and outrage from the religious right — primarily Christ followers, of course — which initiated an intense journey for all involved in the production. This journey is what will be featured in the documentary, as explained by a statement sent to the source themselves.

“This feature documentary follows the troupe, playwright, and audiences around the world on a five-star journey of Terrance McNally’s passion play, where voices of protest and support collide on one of the central issues facing the LGBT community – religion based bias.”

In a follow-up article by Now The End Begins, it reports views on how many Christians see this documentary as blasphemous. From the way it reads, Corpus Christi is being used primarily as a propaganda tool of the Progressive Far Left to indoctrinate LGBT values deeper into society. Also, it is expected that the documentary will now receive approval because of the direction the country is going pertaining to the LGBT lifestyle.

This is not the first time that the Christian faith and the LGBT lifestyle clashed. The Inquisitr has reported on many political, social, and personal battles between both groups. As of late, most of the news about this conflict are lawsuits slapped on Christian business owners. This includes a bakery refusing to cater for a gay wedding, a bridal shop refusing to make wedding dresses for a lesbian couple, and a farm refusing to host the venue of a gay marriage.

What do you think about the documentary based on Corpus Christi? Do you think the documentary about Terrance McNally’s play will be accepted today, or will it receive the same treatment it did back in 1993? Let us know in the comments below.

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