Is Jenelle Evans Staying On Track In School With a Fussy Newborn?

Jenelle Evans has shared her many struggles on Teen Mom throughout the years. She has been high on camera, she has filed police reports against her former boyfriends, and now she is sharing her divorce proceedings while expecting her second child with Nathan Griffith. Jenelle keeps claiming that she has changed, and she is proving herself to the world on this season of the show.

On yesterday’s episode of Teen Mom, Jenelle was studying for a test. She has been going to school to become a surgical assistant. It seemed like a big jump for many, as she went from recovering from a heroin overdose to studying something in the medical field, but Evans is proving that she is strong and determined.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now realizing how hard it is to balance a newborn and to stay on track with her educational requirements. Even though she just gave birth a few weeks ago, she is still working on her degree.

“Kaiser is terribly fussy today and I have a test today. Ugh. Wish I could stay home and sleep/cuddle with my baby boy,” she tweeted this week. The old Jenelle may have stayed home and cuddled with her son, but it sounds like she made the right decision and went to school to write her test. Maybe she is realizing that her future will only be better if she has a good job and a healthy child. Jenelle can’t provide for her son without a good job.

Just last week, Jenelle Evans made headlines because of the way she treated Nathan’s dog when he was locked up. According to The Inquisitr, PETA reached out to Evans after the episode aired and encouraged her to give the dogs up. PETA wanted the dogs to live in a loving home, but Jenelle shut them down, saying she really didn’t care about their opinion.

However, it turns out that Nathan’s dog did act out again, and the couple has decided to send him away for an undetermined amount of time. Maybe the episode last week showed Nathan just how untrained his dog is.

Since announcing the birth of her second son, Kaiser, Jenelle Evans has been keeping her business to herself. Evans isn’t sharing as much on Twitter anymore, and she knows that her haters will use anything and everything against her. Maybe she has decided to avoid sharing things on social media after a person stole her dog from her home. That was a scary experience for her, and she felt things just went too far.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans changing her ways? Do you think this is a permanent change?

[Image via Twitter]