Poll Finds Hillary Clinton To Be Most Popular Politician Today

A recent poll reported by Bloomberg has found that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician working today. The study says that two-thirds of the country view Clinton in a favorable light, while a third of respondents are battling “buyer’s remorse” over electing Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton into office.

One Florida woman told Bloomberg:

“Looking back, I wonder if she would have been a stronger leader, knowing the games and the politics and all that goes on,” while adding, “I don’t think she would have bent as much.”

It’s not all rosy numbers though, 47% of those interviewed believe that the current state of affairs would have been close to what they are today regardless of who was elected with one pollster revealing, “Some of her appeal is that she is not Barack Obama.”

The study also revealed that 13% of the people polled felt she would actually be a worse president.

When examining only Democrats they found that 57% of party affiliated members say things would have been the same under both candidates, while 39% of Republicans believe Clinton would have been a better choice.

Those sentiments don’t necessarily mean Americans believe they made the wrong choice, only 29% of respondents say John McCain would have been a good choice for our country, while 35% still are glad they did not vote for him.

It’s always easy to look back on an election cycle and say “what it” but we still want to know what you think, would secretary of state Hillary Clinton have made a better choice for President?