Niall Horan Plays DJ At The Late Late Bar

Niall Horan is apparently a man of many, many talents.

When the singer and the rest of One Direction aren’t easing teenage girls through the trials and tribulations associated with puberty, Horan finds a way to express himself through different channels. The young Irish lad seemingly fancies himself a DJ, as evidenced by his recent appearance at The Late Late bar in New York City.

According to the Independent, Niall Horan paid a visit to the Irish-themed watering hole during his recent journey through the United States. One Direction is presently on a mission to dazzle the minds of their countless fans across North America. Since everyone needs a little down time during their quest to entertain the masses, Niall decided to unwind at the aforementioned bar. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Instead of taking a seat and letting someone else run the show, Horan decided to flex his skills by spinning a few tunes on the decks. Images of the singer’s brief stint as the resident disc jockey are strategically embedded in the space below.

As you can tell from the photos, Niall Horan was more than happy to man the decks. The ladies certainly didn’t mind that the strapping young singer took a moment out of his busy schedule to keep the music flowing. Sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to process all of that fame and fortune when you’re in one of the world’s biggest pop bands.

Of course, Niall and his fellow singers tend to visit bars wherever they go these days. Unreality TV reports that someone managed to snap some photos of the guys during their recent trip to Nashville. Although you’d think they would hit up the most extravagant establishment in the city, the website described the bar as “very normal looking.”

Writer Lisa McGarry didn’t stop there.

“Onlookers claim that Niall started off in a nearby Irish pub, where he soaked up the vibes of home, before moving on to meet his two pals. Fans who were also in the venue, say the trio were less than sober and not walking in a very straight line when they left to return to their hotel. How much would you love to see Niall, Liam and Zayn a bit tipsy and giggly? We are so jealous!”

Are you jealous that you missed Niall Horan’s stint behind the decks in NYC?

[Lead image via Bing]