Alexis Bledel, Vincent Kartheiser Wedding Was ‘Very Them’ Says ‘Mad Men’ Costar Rich Sommer

Alexis Bledel, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser held a private wedding earlier this summer, and Mad Men Co-star, Rich Sommer has come forward with some new details on the big day!

According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser began dating during the fifth season of Mad Men. The two were engaged in May of 2013 after a year of dating. While their engagement wasn’t any secret, their wedding was. News broke of the secret ceremony earlier this month and fans were shocked to find out that the Hollywood couple celebrated their marriage with an intimate ceremony in Ojai, California sometime in June.

Since the wedding broke headlines, there haven’t been many details released regarding the big day. A source close to the couple did tell US Weekly the following:

“It was a small and intimate family affair. They wanted something relaxed and beautiful. Ojai was the perfect place. His family flew out from the East Coast.”

This was confirmed by Mad Men co-star, Rich Sommer. Rich spoke to US Weekly about the big day and about the couple now that they’ve tied the knot:

“She’s lovely, and I can truly say that Vinny is night and day — he’s a different person since they first started hanging out,” the actor told US Weekly of the couple. He continued on to say the following about the wedding: “All of us knew that it was going to happen, so it’s a very lovely thing.”

Sommer went on to describe the ceremony as beautiful, small and “very much them.”

“It was very exciting. I was very honored to be a part of it.”

So what did fans think of the Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser’s wedding announcement? Just check out the twitter reaction for yourself:

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