If This Restaurant Is Half As Awesome As Its Commercial, We Want Reservations — Now!

Staten Island restaurant commercial

Okay, we admit we’ve never eaten at the Staten Island, New York, restaurant advertised in this head-scratching but hilarious TV commercial — but if the restaurant is half as awesome as its advertising, well, we rate it five stars!

The restaurant in question is called “Troy,” and its slogan appears to be, “Empire of Taste.” The establishment’s Facebook page describes it fare as, “Ancient and contemporary food fusion restaurant, Polish, Greek food, Roman food, French fusion restaurant, Medieval era food.”

Wow. That’s quite a combination. We’re not even sure what counts as “Roman food.” Or “ancient food,” for that matter. Maybe a suckling pig run through with a sword?

Oh, wait a minute. That is what it means! At least, that’s what Troy served at its grand opening party on August 16. In fact, this is the pig itself…

Staten Island Restaurant Pig

If that looks delish to you, well, you know exactly where to grab your next dinner — 2271 Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island.

As for this commercial, we can’t help but wonder if it was meant to be funny. As it happens, a blogger for the New York site Gawker was wondering the same thing, so he sent an email to Eduard Izro, whose name is on the account where this video appeared on YouTube.

Here’s what Izro replied:

“Troy is completely my idea as a restaurant and the commercial alone

“my script my directing and actors casting

“I deliberately took an actor with an accent and it made the audience interested in a restaurant”

That’s the original punctuation, by the way. But we’re still not exactly sure whether the commercial was meant to be funny. All we know is, we’re going to watch this amazing restaurant commercial again. But first we’re going to go get some wild boar and mead for lunch.