Kim Zolciak Would Support Daughter Brielle If She Got Pregnant

Kim Zolciak has been filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy for a couple of years and fans have been watching her raise her two daughters, both as a single mother and as a married woman. Now, Kim has six children and she is keeping herself busy. But Zolciak herself was a young mother, as she had Brielle when she was just 19 years old. And given she is so fertile, fans are wondering about the next generation of Zolciak-Biermanns.

Of course, Brielle is now legally the daughter of Kroy Biermann, as he adopted Zolciak’s two daughters from previous relationships. And while Kim may be a little laid back with her parenting, Kroy is tough on the girls. And he wants them to protect themselves and grow up to be very career-minded. Just a few episodes ago, he brought up the point that Brielle wasn’t motivated to start a career, because she wasn’t challenged enough in the home.

But it sounds like Zolciak isn’t too worried, as she would be there for her daughter if something happened. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Kim Zolciak would support her daughter if she got pregnant at a young age. Kim went on Watch What Happens Live last week and viewers were curious about her view on Brielle getting pregnant, considering she herself was a teenage mother and now a mother of six children.

“I mean, we’d deal with it. I would be supportive,” Zolciak revealed to Andy Cohen. “I had her at 19, my parents were very supportive of me and I would do the same thing.” Even though Kim isn’t talking to her parents anymore, she remembers her mother’s support during her pregnancy. “You get kind of scared but my parents were like, ‘There’s no other option. We’re here.’ It was great,” she recalls.

Brielle turns 18 next year and she is already thinking about her college plans. She is dating a college student named Slade, but Kim Zolciak doesn’t seem too worried about her daughter’s actions. According to this Inquisitr report, Kim Zolciak already trusts her daughter with the things Brielle is telling her. Recently, Brielle told her that she wasn’t drinking at parties and the cameras filming Don’t Be Tardy proved that she was telling the truth.

Even though Kim Zolciak’s daughter is still a high school senior, Kim does support Brielle in the decisions that she make. Since Kim was young when she had Brielle, they are actually very close, even though the family has expanded with four additional children and a father role.

Are you surprised that Kim Zolciak would be so understanding if her daughter got pregnant?

[Image via US Weekly]