Is Windows 9 Coming? It Appears So,…

Windows 9 coming?

Window 9 is coming to consumers soon. Or, at least a taste of Windows 9.

Tech Crunch is reporting that Windows 9, code name Threshold, will get a better look from consumers September 30. Microsoft is planning an official unveiling of what is next for the OS, plus information on how early adopters can get the new OS and when. That date comes from new reports originating from The Verge, which aligns with the release window shared by All About Microsoft the week before. Both outlets have a fairly decent track record of passing on accurate information about Microsoft’s plans for its products.

From the leaks that have been seen about Windows 9, the new OS is backing away from the aggressively touch-focused Windows 8, with a mini start menu and dropping of the Charms barand several UI changes. Microsoft is currently compiling builds of Threshold ready for the preview that include an early version of Cortana, the new voice assistant that is directly competing with Apple’s Siri, along with several UI changes, reports Compositry. It appears that Windows 9 will run in the style of Windows 7, where you won’t have to the apps since they will be running in windowed mode. It would efficiently eliminate the need to jump from window mode to apps mode and back, which frustrated many Windows 8 users.

The Start menu will give users access to the Windows App Store complete with Live Tiles and extras, but it will not take up the entire screen as it does in Windows 8, reports Gotta Be Mobile. It will also free the Windows Store Apps from the start screen, thus allowing a more modular approach to the OS. This should allow customers to run a Windows Store App directly from the desktop, allowing for quicker and easier using of Windows Store Apps without bogging the computer down.

With Windows 8 the company tried to force one new interface on all users, whether they have touch or not. With Windows 9/Windows Threshold, the company is moving to a more modular approach. Windows 9 will surface different interfaces for different types of devices. For example, touch-screen users will still see the full-size Start Screen, while it’ll be hidden for notebooks and desktops that don’t have touch, allegedly.

In addition to touching on the inclusion of Cortana, today’s report also includes a bit of information that many weren’t expecting to hear much about at any upcoming event. For a long time, rumors have indicated that Microsoft is planning to merge, Windows Phone and Windows RT, the operating system that runs on tablets that don’t have Intel processors and Desktop apps. Allegedly, Microsoft will talk about its merging the compatibility between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

No formal statement from Microsoft regarding the date for the unveiling. The next scheduled event is the IFA 2014 event, from September 5 to 10 this year. Industry watchers are expecting Microsoft to release a new line of smartphones at that time.