Gucci Mane Receives 3-Year Jail Sentence

Gucci Mane Gun Possession

Gucci Mane will spend an additional two years of his life behind bars.

The 34-year-old rapper pleaded guilty to a federal gun possession charge earlier this year. As a result, Gucci Mane will hang out in a county jail for the next 39 months. According to the folks over at Hollywood Life, there’s a very strong chance he’ll also contend with some severe travel restrictions once he’s finally released.

Since Mane has already spent a total of 11 months under lock and key, he’ll only have to serve 28 months going forward. The rapper’s lawyer, Drew Findling, suggested that Gucci had a pretty good idea about how all of this would shake out “going in.”

Findling said about Gucci Mane’s future:

“He understands he has some work ahead of him and his goal is to bring resolution to this case and get back to performing. He doesn’t want anything to distract him. He wants to do anything to get back to the work place and the work place is the stage.”

According to E! Online, Gucci Mane was reportedly stopped by Atlanta police while the rapper was taking a stroll at around 1 am back in September. After getting into a verbal altercation with the officers, he was ultimately placed under arrest. That’s when police discovered that Mane was in possession of a Glock 40-caliber handgun, ammunition, and a small bag of marijuana. As stated, he pleaded guilty to the gun charge.

Had the rapper decided to try his luck at a trial, he could have faced 10 years in prison. Since Gucci went with a plea deal, he’ll only spend an additional 28 months in a cell. Judge Jones hopes Mane gets his head straight during his stint behind bars.

“You’re a young man, You have a full life before you. I see a lot of famous people move outside the line…. [Y]ou’re going to wake up one morning broke. You’re going to wake up one morning back in prison…. [A]ccording to young people, my nieces and nephews, you are quite cool.”

This certainly isn’t Gucci Mane’s first brush with the law. The rapper was convicted of battery back in 2011. In addition to this, Mane was also convicted of aggravated assault back in 2005. His last album, Gucci Vs Guwop, hit retail shelves on August 15.

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