Could It Be A Miracle? Ebola Patient Cured And Released Saying 'I Serve A Faithful God..." (Video)


According to CNN, Ebola is a moderately contagious virus with a high fatality rate. Ebola is not transmitted through the air, but through body fluid contracted from an infected person or contaminated objects from an infected person.

The World Health Organization has stated that "there is no specific treatment or vaccine" for the Ebola virus and the fatality rate ranges from 50% all the way up to 90%.

So, when the announcement was made that Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, and Nancy Writebol, 59, were released from an Atlanta hospital after being completely cured from Ebola, per Yahoo! News, it was a day to celebrate. As the medical missionary, Brantly, spoke briefly in a press conference today he stated, "Today is a miraculous day," as he was surrounded by family and the workers from Emory University Hospital.

Kent worked with Samaritan's Purse while Nancy worked with SIM, both Christian aid groups, as reported by New York Times. After they were diagnosed and brought to the United States, they were given the experimental drug ZMapp.

Kent spoke of the first days after he was diagnosed and lying in a hospital bed in Liberia. He said even while he was getting sicker and weaker, "I prayed that God would help me be faithful even in my illness. And I prayed that in my life or in my death that He would be glorified."

Prayers were being said all over the world for both Kent and Nancy as they were being treated in Atlanta. In fact, per Yahoo! News, Nancy's husband, David spoke on her behalf to the press stating,

"She was greatly encouraged knowing that there were so many people around the world lifting prayers to God for her return to health."

At this point in time, doctors and other medical experts are quick to say they don't know if the experimental drug ZMapp helped Kent and Nancy to recover. Doctors say it is possible that they both got better on their own. Although wouldn't that be unusual that both Kent and Nancy got better on their own?

Doctors also inform Yahoo! News that ZMapp is so new that it has never been tested in humans.

"Frankly, we do not know whether it helped them, whether it made no difference or whether it theoretically delayed their recovery," Dr. Bruce Ribner, head of the infectious disease unit at the Atlanta hospital, according to Yahoo! News.

So, the question is -- is this a modern day miracle?

As reported by WSBTV, Kent Brantly said these words,

"Through the care of the Samaritan's Purse and SIM missionary team in Liberia, the use of an experimental drug, and the expertise and resources of the health care team at Emory University Hospital, God saved my life."

While others may be skeptical about God, prayers and miracles, Kent and Nancy are quick to thank those who prayed for them, and are thankful to God.

Kent boldly shares his beliefs when he tells the press, according to WSBTV, "I serve a faithful God who answers prayer."

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