October 27, 2016
Nicole Scherzinger ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Pussycat Doll Makes Charity Sexy [Video]

Nicole Scherzinger just joined the ranks of celebrities taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The statuesque brunette beauty donned a skimpy bikini top and tiny swim trunks for the ice-cold challenge. Her choice of attire left little to the imagination and provided an excellent view of her incredibly toned abs and shapely limbs.

A hint of green bikini bottoms poked out just above the waistline of Nicole Scherzinger's patterned shorts as she took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The bikini bottoms were tied into a bow at one hip and exposed just a hint of what the sexy 36-year-old singer would look like without the swim shorts.

There was only one problem with Nicole Scherzinger's Ice Bucket Challenge, there didn't seem to be any ice involved.

As Nicole Scherzinger stood on a sandy beach talking about the challenge and nominating other celebrities, a man approached her with a plastic bucket. Scherzinger had just enough time to ask "Are you kidding me?" and brace herself for the impact before water sloshed out of the bucket onto her head and face.

However, it didn't appear that there was a single ice cube in sight, prompting The Mirror to report, "... when we say Ice Bucket, it appeared to be more a bucket of chilly water getting thrown at her face rather than tipped over her head." Despite obviously knowing about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nicole Scherzinger seemed surprised when the water poured over her.

Even though the cold water splashed directly onto her face, Nicole Scherzinger still managed to laugh and smile reported Reveal. There are plenty of reasons to smile. According to The ALS Association, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised a whopping sum of $41.8 million by August 21, 2014, and donations are still rolling in at a record pace.

Nicole Scherzinger passed the proverbial torch to Canadian singer Kiesza, songwriter Tricky Stewart and rapper The Dream, daring them to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for nerve cell disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr,Nicole Scherzinger struggled with bulimia and alcohol in the past, but the power of positive thinking combined with a healthy dose of therapy helped the Pussycat Dolls singer regain control. Just last month, Scherzinger talked about how it felt to be in therapy and explained how her new outlook has affected her life.

"It [therapy] feels weird and invasive at first but then you just frickin' talk about yourself so much, they're probably going to be rolling their eyes," Scherzinger said. "This is very exciting for me, this chapter in my life, new album, new team behind me."

[Image via ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/YouTube]