‘Real Housewives’ Lisa Rinna Does ‘Advanced Facial,’ Says She Is Really 29

Scott Roth / Invision/AP Imaes

Lisa Rinna has joined the cast of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and it looks like she is going to fit right in! The actress posted a couple of photos of an interesting skin care treatment that she underwent earlier this week and, according to Mail Online, the “advanced facial” supposedly takes years off your skin. How many years? Well, Rinna is 51-years-old, and with the treatment, she said she’s back to being 29!

“Cytocell 3D Crystal Fiber Mask at @katesomerville #crazytime right?! I am now officially 29,” Rinna wrote on Instagram. It does seem, however, that the photos she posted of her skin treatment and subsequent clean and clear skin have been taken down. Perhaps she got too much attention for her strange, rubber-faced pic, who knows?

Lisa Rinna is not unlike other Housewives, many of whom get strange facial treatments to keep their skin in great shape. In fact, Kyle Richards has been known to get some strange facials over the years. According to Radar Online, Kyle has been known to get a facial that involves a scary face mask complete with electric cables. And yes, electricity is used. According to Carina Skincare, the electricity helps get a vitamin solution into the skin.

“The only way we can truly penetrate the skin and affect its lower layers is to draw vitamin-rich solutions into the dermal tissue by means of electricity.”

The facial that Lisa Rinna had wasn’t as shocking, but the mask on her face wasn’t exactly appealing (pun intended). Apparently, the rubber-looking mask helps in this instance — and it must be working, because Rinna? Has some really nice looking skin!

“[It fights signs of aging] by means of an encapsulated micro stem cell technology. This progressive treatment infuses the skin with Oxygen and a firming serum, and incorporates a 3D Crystal Fiber Mask to improve the skin’s natural barrier function.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rinna already has some friends on the cast. Lisa Vanderpump has known Rinna for a long time and had nothing but nice things to say about her. Of course, these comments were made before the ladies of Beverly Hills actually filmed the season, so who knows how things are now?

“I’ve known Lisa [Rinna] for 25 years. I love her and I have an authentic relationship with her… I do think she’s very opinionated and vocal and I think that’s a good thing for reality television or you fall asleep.”