‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Not Taking On Jason Morgan Role After All?

Fans of General Hospital are anxious to find out what the scoop is on Jason Morgan’s return, and the network has done an amazing job of keeping the details to this one under wraps. There has been speculation for months, or at least a strong desire on the part of fans, that Billy Miller from The Young & the Restless would take on the role. Then, there were sources indicating it was a done deal. Now this week, buzz and General Hospital spoilers make it seem up in the air, at the very least. Where do things stand now?

There have been General Hospital spoilers floating around for a while now that the soap was angling to bring on Billy Miller as Jason Morgan. Now it’s been made clear that Morgan is alive and surely returning to the canvas, but who will take on the role? Steve Burton, who previously played Morgan, is content over at The Young & the Restless so he’s not returning to the role.

More than one insider have indicated online that Miller had either signed a deal with GH or was close. Of course the network has never said boo about it one way or the other, and they pulled off a stunner when they brought in Michelle Stafford and kept it under wraps until she popped up on-screen. It certainly seems likely they’d try to do the same here. While many thought it was a done deal with Miller, now there is seriously conflicting information and nobody truly knows what the situation is.

Ryan White-Nobles of TV Source Magazine indicates that this week’s CBS Soaps in Depth shares that “Their well-placed sources says it’s down to hammering out details” in terms of getting Billy Miller on-board to play Jason Morgan. At the same time, Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored says that “despite reports, Billy Miller not joining GH!”

Things became especially confusing when a couple of online sites worded things poorly, misread details or skimmed over information that led them to indicate or believe that Frank Valentini had confirmed Billy Miller would be Jason Morgan in a recent interview. The truth of the matter is that Valentini has not said this, and he has not said anything specific about who will play Morgan. Valentini has referenced Morgan, and bloggers who believe it’ll be Miller in the role noted that, and then others read it as fact and the “news” spread like wildfire.

At this point, all that is truly known is that Jason Morgan is coming back in some capacity. Multiple insiders who would seemingly know, such as some TV Guide writers, have previously said it was a done deal with Miller. At the same time, it is known that Billy Miller left The Young & the Restless in large part due to his desire to work on other projects. It could very well come down to the idea that General Hospital wanted Miller, negotiated with Miller, and perhaps at essentially the last minute the two sides just couldn’t come to terms. For now, there simply is no confirmation one way or the other from the show itself.

So just who will play Jason Morgan when the character makes a return? Or is he not returning at all? It certainly seems that the character will be back, and many are still betting that Billy Miller will show up in the role. Others speculate that Miller may show up in Port Charles, but in a different role like that of Dillon Quartermaine. For now, there don’t really seem to be any solid General Hospital spoilers about Billy Miller or Jason Morgan, so fans will have to stay tuned.

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