Artist’s Facebook Selfies Seem To Come To Life

Artist made his Selfie come to life.

What does a 33-year-old artist do when he wants to post a unique Facebook profile picture? He gets creative. That is exactly what Sebastien Del Grosso has done. According to Elite Daily, this artist from Paris decided to find a way to make his selfies appear as if they are coming to life. And he’s done a rather remarkable job.

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Del Grosso began the process by taking a self-portrait. After that, “the digital artist started to sketch himself into the picture,” according to Daily Mail. He admits, “I take thousands of images using a remote control, and then choose a selection of my favorites.’

To get a “composite-look” to the photo, Del Grosso only sketches portions of the photograph. This gives it the effect of a sketch coming to life within the photo itself.

Del Grosso 1

Del Grosso tells Daily Mail:

“My grandmother taught me to draw, and by watching her drawing and painting made me want to do the same.”

His work reflects his life and events that have taken place in his life that are important to him, which can be seen in his complete series titled The Sketch Of A Life, as reported by Elite Daily.

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The entire process from taking the first picture to the completed image can take anywhere from hours to several days. It can be very tedious as he describes the process to Daily Mail, stating:

“The pencil strokes are fast and nervous, and so give the impression of a construction. It is in fact a multitude of brush strokes, black or white, which serve to highlight, or rather mitigate some facial features, and clothing.”

The end result? An image that looks “more like a painting than a photo,” Del Grosso explains. He goes on to say that this allows it to be more pleasing to the eye.

There is no special location or lighting effects that are used. In fact, Del Grosso tells Daily Mail that all the photos are taken inside his apartment using natural light.

‘The drawings are done with a simple pencil on a sheet of paper. Then the drawing is scanned, cleaned and added to the picture with Photoshop tools,” he reveals.

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“Some of the portraits feature Del Grosso’s friends and family, while others feature props and animal drawings,” as reported by Elite Daily. Regardless, the images are mesmerizing and certainly eye-catching. What is his secret? “When I make a creative image, I try to attract the attention of the viewer and hold it.”

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