Deportation For Immigrant Woman Accused Of Orchestrating Murder Of Michigan Ex Husband

An immigrant from El Salvador has been deported to face charges in the murder of an American man who was gunned down near a coffee farm in Salvador in 2013, Mlive is reporting. Immigration officials say Nuri Aquino Torres, who was deported back to her native country of El Salvador on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, orchestrated the murder of ex-husband and former war veteran Mike Brown aka Michael James Brown of Three Oaks, Michigan. Police say Brown had gone to visit his ex wife in El Salvador. Family member say the trip was unplanned.

According to immigration authorities, Nuri Liseth de Brown, also known as Nuri Liseth Aquino Torres, lured her ex husband to El Salvador, and then sat by and watched as a group of men shot and killed Michael Brown. Authorities say the murder happened after Nuri and her ex husband were driving along a dark, remote road in San Isidro, Izalco Sonsonate. That's when a group of men dressed in police uniforms jumped out of the bushes and shot Michael James Brown at close range.

South Bend Tribune reported that 53-year-old Michael James Brown aka Brownie tried to save his ex wife's life by shoving her out of the way. Nuri Aquino initially stated that the shooting happened at what Brown thought was a checkpoint, realizing too late that it was a planned attack.

"Michael told me to run," she said. "I took the wheel and the car accelerated, but I fell, and asked the men not to shoot me, throwing my bag at them and telling them to take it," stated Nuri Brown as reported in Central American Politics.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Nuri Aquino seemed panicked and terrified by what she had just witnessed. When the murder of Mike Brown first occurred, police and family members suspected that it was a random attack.

A subsequent investigation indicated that immigrant Nuri Liseth Aquino Torres had actually orchestrated his death. Police believe the motive was money.

Close friends of Michael Brown say that he was a gentle giant, a beautiful and kind man who would help anyone. It is not unbelievable that he would risk his life and push his ex-wife out of harms way in order to save her. Sadly, Michael Brown had no way of knowing that it was his ex- wife who had planned the attack.

In foreign countries such as El Salvador and Mexico, ambushes have become a tremendous problem for American travelers. Most ambush attacks are robbery based and most occur on dark, lonely Mexican or Salvadoran roads. An American tourist driving alone in these areas face a great risk of being confronted by masked men as they travel.

Michael James Brown's brother planned to visit the country in order to bring back his brother's dead body for burial. Three Oaks, Michigan resident Michael Brown was a well-respected Master Sergeant for Special Forces. He was involved in all sorts of volunteer work, and even helped build a school in a remote part of El Salvador, according to his memorial website. The 30year veteran spoke 4-5 different languages and loved to travel.

When he died, people in hometown were devastated. And a couple of memorial tributes were held in his honor.

According to ElSalvador, Nuri was involved in the TPS Program, also known as Temporary Protective Status program at one time. The charges against automatically reverts her status back to an illegal immigrant. Now that she has been deported she will face time in one of the most notorious prisons in the world. The topic of immigration policy was previously discussed in Inquisitr.