Elderly British Couple Barricaded In Their Own Home By French ‘Neighbors From Hell’

A British couple have reportedly been barricaded in their home in the south of France due to an ongoing dispute with their French neighbors who decided to take radical action against them.

Faith and John Dyson were originally unable to leave their house, located in the village of Brugairolles in the foothills of the Pyrenees, as their neighbors drove a large van within inches of their front door so they couldn’t leave their property.

The whole dispute stemmed from the neighbors claiming that the Dysons had trespassed on a shared lane they claimed to own.

To make their point loud and clear, the neighbors went to the unprecedented step of nailing the Dyson’s windows shut, barring their door with wooden fence posts, cemented in the ground, and only allowing the Dysons’ to exit their property via the back door.

AFP reported today that John Dyson, who is not in the best of health, told reporters: “They waited for us to go out before they started the bricklaying.”

Retired Republican Guard Jeannot Gach, who helped lead the operation to free Faith and John Dyson, said that the whole village turned out to support the Dysons:

“Everyone came out, and they all shouted and whistled against these awful neighbours. We all waited for the bailiff to arrive to see what they had done. After that we took down the wall, unbarred the door and freed the shutters.”

The dispute has reportedly been going on for years, as the mayor of the village, Alain Labattut, said: “The Dysons have been harassed for years but it has got worse since last March. They were terrorized.”

The Dysons, who were born in South Africa, but moved to England for work, retired to the south of France in 2004 and have been arguing with their neighbors ever since: “At the beginning they seemed friendly but then they parked their van at the door and they became nastier and nastier,” said John Dyson.