Avril Lavigne Declares Her Love For Japan At Summer Sonic 2014

Avril Lavigne shared a secret during her performance at Summer Sonic 2014. The confession: She really, really loves Japan.

While some people believed the Canadian rocker was throwing a serious amount of shade towards Japan with the “Hello Kitty” music video, it’s painfully obvious to anyone who follows Lavigne’s career that she adores the country and its culture. She didn’t have a problem professing her love for everything Japan during the aforementioned festival.

In fact, the folks over at the Japan Times explain that Lavigne made a point to proclaim her undying love for the country several times during her Summer Sonic 2014 set. Some fans in attendance responded to these declarations by bursting into tears.

Lavigne didn’t shy away from performing “Hello Kitty” at the event:

“Adding Taiko drums, Lavigne’s argument that the song was aimed at Japanese audiences made more sense given how many of the fans embraced it. She sometimes came off as overcompensating — after saying ‘I love Japan’ multiple times, she probably didn’t need to show off a jacket boasting the same sentence — but the camera’s ability to find at least one sobbing fan per song seemed to validate the show of sentiment.”

Avril Lavigne’s enthusiasm for Japan didn’t begin and end onstage at Summer Sonic 2014. She also gushed about her time in the country on Twitter.

Although some of Lavigne’s meet and greets were admittedly awkward, apparently the singer didn’t have any trouble getting up close and personal with her Japanese fans. In fact, she seemed utterly delighted to spend time with them.

Avril Lavigne’s latest album, the aptly-titled Avril Lavigne, was a pretty big hit when it landed on retail shelves across the pond in 2013. The record reportedly achieved gold status in the country earlier this year. One thing’s for certain: You can expect Avril to return to the country at some point in the very near future.

[Lead image via TMZ]